Andrew Schimmer Wife Update-Who Is She? Family And Personal Life Explored

Let’s find out ‘Andrew Schimmer Wife Update-Who Is She?’ Andrew Schimmer’s wife Jho Rovero suffers from mental hypoxia, a condition that is extremely uncommon. He has been praying for his wife’s health to get well because her sickness is terrible.

Actress and well-known fitness model Jho Rover. She is wed to Andrew Schimmer, an actor and a loving spouse.

Famous Filipino performer Andrew is most known for playing roles in the films Beautiful Justice, Descendants of the Sun, and Kapag Nahit Ang Puso. Through his career, he has been able to keep up a solid fan following.

Schimmer’s wife is presently battling the illness and is being treated at a hospital. She is currently being treated at an institution.


 Andrew Schimmer’s wife Jho Rovero has mental hypoxia condition and illness. ( Source : pep )


Quick Facts About Jho Rovero

Husband Andrew Schimmer
Condition mental Hypoxia
Children 2 (Son and daughter Andrea Schimmer)
Net Worth 2 Million Dollars
Age Around 35 years old
Real Name Jorhomy Reiena Rovero


What Happened To Andrew Schimmer’s Wife Jho Rovero?

Famous model Jho Rovero is presently afflicted with mental hypoxia, a condition. Andrew Schimmer has spent days beside his wife’s hospital bedside.


Andrew Schimmer's Wife Jho Rovero has mental hypoxia and her condition is severe.
Andrew Schimmer’s Wife Jho Rovero has mental hypoxia and her condition is severe. ( Source : tv5s )


Jho Rovero is presently battling the sickness, which is causing her health to deteriorate. Doctors think there is yet hope, nevertheless.

Rovero had already been hospitalized and received the required care. She was growing better every day, and Schimmer and his family were optimistic that she would recover. She did improve with the medicine since she was released last week.

Unfortunately, she had to visit the hospital once more only a week later. She was back in the hospital bed on Tuesday as admirers and well-wishers wished her a speedy recovery.


Jho Rovero came home after 1 year in ICU from mental hypoxia.
Jho Rovero came home after 1 year in ICU from mental hypoxia. ( Source : smartparenting )


She now has to undergo more medical treatment and surgery. The actor and his family can only hope that everything goes smoothly.


What Is Mental Hypoxia? Anatomy Of The Disease

The most common cause of mental hypoxia is a lack of oxygen in the brain. This illness can strike when a person is about to drown, choke, suffocate, or go into cardiac arrest. Passive smoking and breathing in carbon monoxide are some more key reasons.

The deadly result of mental hypoxia is a brain damage that may last for a specific amount of time or perhaps for the rest of one’s life. This disorder can occasionally result in a person’s death.

Hypoxia occurs when the brain does not provide adequate oxygen, which causes the brain cells to begin to deteriorate and die. Thus, prompt medical attention and advice are required.

The severity and condition of the sickness might affect the hypoxic symptoms.

1. Dysarthria and slurred speech

2. Blue or grey lips or skin, often dry

3. seizures and stroke

4. mydriasis and dilated pupils

5. Amnesia and temporary memory loss

Rovero had a severe asthma episode that led to further issues including brain hypoxia and cardiac arrest.

Jho is having treatment in the hospital for his cerebral hypoxia condition. For the previous 24 hours, she has been getting care at the emergency room before being under observation.

Andrew Schimmer Wife Update-Who Is She?

Jho Rovero, the wife of Andrew Schimmer, is still unwell, and while she continues to battle mental hypoxia, her condition has gotten worse over time.

His admirers were made aware of Jho Roveros’s health situation via his social media sites. The actress’s wife is now battling a serious illness.


Andrew Schimmer is back in hospital with his wife and kids.
Andrew Schimmer is back in hospital with his wife and kids. ( Source : kami )


Actor Andrew Schimmer is in a serious predicament right now because his wife was recently readmitted to the hospital. Most of the actor’s admirers expressed hope that his wife will recover quickly.

John Andrew Schille is Andrew’s name on Facebook (Romanza Braganza). The actor wished for his wife’s quick recovery while uploading a recent photo of her.

This hypoxia struck the actress in November 2021. The online video that Andrew posted has gone popular on social media. Unfortunately, the photo indicates that her condition is deteriorating.

Hypoxia may also be brought on by heart attacks and other incidents that impair brain oxygen. It is a serious condition that, if left untreated, might result in lifelong brain damage.


Is Jho Rovero Ill Now?

Since November 2021, Jho Rovero has been a patient at Luke’s Medical center.

Jho Rovero has spent many months confined to a hospital bed due to several asthma attacks that resulted in cardiac arrest and hypoxia.

On June 13, 2022, Rovero’s husband posted a Facebook video of himself caring for his wife. Many of the actor’s fans expressed their shock at the video and wished him well.

Andrew announced on Facebook that he needs money to cover his wife’s medical expenses. The GoFundMe campaign was started by Andrea Mari Schimmer on Charline Capin’s behalf.

Additionally, the actress’ wife is receiving excellent care in the hospital. Jho Rover should be well soon, we hope.


Andrew Schimmer Is Back In Hospital With His Wife And Kids

Schimmer kept his supporters and friends informed while another catastrophe befell him. His wife Jho was battling the illness and needed to be readmitted after spending approximately a year at home in a coma.

The actor and his children could be seen in a recent post made by The Schimmers on Facebook while Jho was being walked around in a hospital bed. The prognosis for her health is not good as she battles the fatal illness.

But the medical professionals have high expectations for providing her with the best care. There is no way to know for sure right now, but Andrew will provide his followers an update on her recuperation shortly.

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