Jacqui Mansfield Current Net Worth: Where Is Jeremy Mansfield New Wife Jacqui Mansfield? Facts To Know

Let;s find out  ‘Jacqui Mansfield Current Net Worth’ Family members of a well-known South African radio presenter have expressed astonishment at his passing. Jacqui Mansfield, Jeremy Mansfield’s new wife, resides in her hometown with their child.

Robert Jeremy Clayton Mansfield works as a voice actor, television artist, and radio host in South Africa. In 2003, the well-known radio host wed Jacqui Mansfield, his second wife.

An novelist and game ranger from South Africa is named Jacqui Mansfield. She had a good net worth before getting married and is an independent lady.


Jacqui Mansfield Current Net Worth: Where Is Jeremy Mansfield New Wife Jacqui Mansfield? Facts To Know
Jacqui Mansfield Current Net Worth: Where Is Jeremy Mansfield New Wife Jacqui Mansfield? Facts To Know


Jeremy Mansfield New Partner Jacqui Mansfield And Children- Where Are They Currently?

Jeremy Mansfield passed away at the age of 59 due to liver cancer. Samantha Cowen, a former coworker and one of his closest friends, acknowledged his passing on Monday, October 31, 2022.


Jeremy Mansfield New Wife Jacqui Mansfield
Jeremy Mansfield New Wife Jacqui Mansfield. (Source Image: Ghgossip)

One daughter is the result of Jeremy Mansfield’s second marriage. With Jackie Mansfield, his wife, Jeremy had a daughter.

About his daughter, not much is known at the present. That is because she was able to lead a fully private existence.

Jacqui, the new wife of Jeremy Mansfield, and her daughter reside in her native South Africa. They were horrified beyond belief by the loss of a family member. They are very saddened by the death of their family.

Jeremy was previously wed to Cornelia Agnes Schulz before getting hitched to Jacqui. They opted to divorce after being married in 1998 since they knew it would not work out.

In 1997, the couple split on paper. Since Jeremy has never spoken publicly about his marriage, the cause of the divorce is still a mystery.

And last, The Voice Artist died, leaving behind two sons and a daughter with each of his wives.


Details About Jacqui Mansfield Current Net Worth

The second spouse of well-known radio host Jeremy Mansfield, Jacqui Manfield, has a sizable writing income. The author has not disclosed her salary on any sites open to the public.


Jeremy Mansfield
Jeremy Mansfield was a South African Radio host. (Source Image: BZnews)

She could have made a respectable quantity of money from her job profile before to being married to Jeremy Manfield in 2003. A Game ranger is Jacqui’s secondary source.

Fans are still unsure of Jacqui’s actual net worth, although it is said that she may have had a net worth of between $200k and $600k prior to the passing of her husband.

However, according to Latest In Bollywood, Jeremy Manfield has a net worth of roughly $3 million USD. The money was formally handed to the radio host’s wife, Jacqui Mansfield, upon his death.

The total value of Jacqui Mansfield’s possessions and money amounts to almost $3.5 million in US dollars.


What Caused Jeremy Mansfield Death?

13 years ago, Jeremy Mansfield received a Lukemaenia diagnosis. Prior to his away, he disclosed on social media that he had been battling Lukemaenia for around 13 years.

He also had a diagnosis of lever cancer, which ultimately led to his death.


Jeremy Mansfield and Sam Cowen
Jeremy Mansfield and Sam Cowen. (Source Image: Ikanews)

Robert Jeremy Clayton Mansfield is another name for Jeremy Mansfield. In Grahamstown, South Africa, on August 15, 1963, he was born.

He was well-known for the television program Rude Awakening, which enjoyed a sizable following both inside and outside of South Africa.

Jeremy worked in super sports and had a passion for sports. The John Burks program hired him as a sports presenter after that.


Details About Jeremy Mansfield Career

Jeremy went to the esteemed Kingswood College. He remained in Grahamstown and attended Rhodes College to study speech, drama, and journalism.


Jeremy Mansfield.
Jeremy Mansfield. (Source Image: ewn)

In 1985, while still a student, he began his career as an intern at Capital Radio 604 in Durban. He received the AA Vita Award for Most Promising Young South African Actor that same year.

In 1990, Mansfield claimed to have quit his radio center. He had previously worked for M-Super Net’s Sport and requested to play the sport on John Berks’ show on Primemedia’s 702 Talk Radio.

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