Baddie Gi - Rachel Wattley's Sister, Net Worth And Age Explored

Let find out ”Baddie Gi – Rachel Wattley’s Sister, Net Worth And Age Explored” A social media star and model, Baddie Gi is also known as the sister of up-and-coming rapper and internet sensation Rachel Wattley, alias Jade.

The B3auty Box is a fashion brand owned by Baddie and her sister that carries a wide selection of wigs. The sisters also made an appearance in the “Good Form” music video by Niki Minaj.

In August 2022, Baddie’s sister Rachel was recently in the news after being detained on a violence charge related to domestic abuse.

According to The New York Post, Rachel allegedly punched her boyfriend 6ix9ine in the face at a Miami nightclub. She has a $1,500 bail set at the Miami-Dade County Jail.

One of the women attempted to hit the rapper on camera when Tekashi approached Wattley and other women outside the upscale Greek restaurant Kiki on the River.

Baddie Gi - Rachel Wattley's Sister, Net Worth And Age ExploredBaddie Gi, who goes by her real name Sarah, is Rachel’s young sister. ( Source : Instagram)


Full Name Sarah Wattley
Nick Name Baddie Gi
Sister Rachel Wattley
Place of Birth New York, United States
Nationality American
Gender Female
Ethnicity African-Dominican Mixed


What Is Baddie Gi And Rachel Wattley’s Birthday Age?

Rachel’s young sister Baddie Gi, sometimes known as Sarah, is a young woman. She is currently unknown in terms of her exact age and date of birth.

While Rachel Wattley, who is her sister, celebrates her birthday annually on November 26 in New York City and is currently 25 years old.

The Wattley sisters were born to African-American parents, according to various unreliable online sources. They come from a variety of ethnic groups.


Baddie Gi - Rachel Wattley's Sister, Net Worth And Age Explored
Baddie Gi’s sister Rachel Wattley aka Jade was arrested for punching her boyfriend 6ix9ine ( Source : instagram )


In the past, the sisters worked as bartenders at the Queens, New York, nightclub The Lust. They were vying with one another for more social media followers.

Moreover, Hollywood superstars frequent the strip club where they formerly worked. Lamar Odom and Floyd Mayweather Jr., two well-known individuals, have attended parties there.

Sarah and Rachel have previously benefited from sharing bartending videos to Instagram in order to amass thousands of followers.

What Is Baddie Gi Net Worth?

The estimated value of Baddie Gi’s assets is $1 million. She is an Instagram model and social media influencer.

She appears to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in her Instagram pictures, wearing designer clothing and traveling in expensive bags. She needs to generate a healthy income from her web business and cosmetics line.


Baddie Gi - Rachel Wattley's Sister, Net Worth And Age Explored
Baddie and her sister Jade own The B3auty Box ( Source : instagram )


In a similar vein, Rachel, her sister, has a comfortable lifestyle thanks to her millionaire partner. The pair’s collection of exotic vehicles included a Lamborghini Huracan and a Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Wattley also resides in a stunning house. A $4k Prada blazer is what Rachel usually wears.

Baddie Gi Instagram Pictures

Instagram users can find Baddie Gi there by searching for @baddiegi__. On the network, she currently has about 629k fan followers. She routinely publishes photos showing off her beautiful and voluptuous body.

Baddie also has a backup Instagram account with the identity @realbaddiegi, which has only published 16 posts to far but has approximately 41.5k followers.

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