BigdawsTv Net Worth 2022: How Does He Earn Money?

Let find out ”BigdawsTv Net Worth 2022: How Does He Earn Money?” Bigdawstv is well recognized on YouTube for his comedic and practical joke videos. Bigdawstv, his YouTube channel, is best known for Dawson Gurley.

He has nearly eight million subscribers on his Youtube account because so many people enjoy his work.

Additionally, he maintains a YouTube channel called Big Daws Vlogs that primarily features Dawson-related vlogs.


BigdawsTv Net Worth 2022: How Does He Earn Money?
Dawson is known for his YouTube channel Big Daws Tv. ( Source : Twitter )

Quick Info

Name Dawson Gurley
Known Name Bigdawstv
Date Of Birth May 19, 1993
Birthplace Olathe, Kansas
Age 29 years
Profession Youtuber, Prankster
Height  6 feet 5 inches.
Weight 95 kilograms
Wife Kelly Cecil
Children 1


How Rich Is Bigdawstv: Net Worth In 2022

In 2022, Bigdawstv’s net worth is anticipated to be about $3 million.

His YouTube channels have brought in millions to thousands of dollars for him. Since she was 11 years old, Bigdawstv has been devoted to creating videos, and over time her enthusiasm has led her to become a Youtuber.

On June 20, 2012, Dawson launched his Bigdawstv YouTube account. On June 17, 2013, he launched his YouTube channel.


BigdawsTv Net Worth 2022: How Does He Earn Money?
Bigdawstv bought about 100 pairs of Jordan Shoes and gave it on giveaway. ( Source : twitter )


His Big Daws TV channel currently has 8.51 million subscribers, and he wants to hit the ten million subscriber mark. About 1.2 million people subscribe to Dawson’s Big Daws Vlogs channel.

On August 6, 2012, he posted the first video to his Bigdawstv channel, titled Disturbing Hawaii Prank, which had over 867k views. His YouTube channel’s most watched video is Bling Man Dropping a $1,000,000 PRANK! It has 78 million views after being uploaded on October 12, 2017.y

How Does Bigdawstv Earn His Money?

Bigdawstv earns money from his YouTube channels’ ad revenue and viewership.

In a similar vein, he also makes money through partnerships and sponsorship. He has made thousands to millions of dollars as a professional YouTuber and prankster.

He has roughly 1.6 million followers on Tiktok, where he also participates. As a result, he also receives payment for views and comments on his TikTok posts.

Bigdawstv Career Income

Throughout his career as a Youtuber, Bigdawstv has made millions of dollars.

According to SocialBlade, his Bigdawstv profits per month range from $3400 to $54,000, and his yearly earnings range from $40,000 to $6,50,000.

His monthly earnings for his YouTube channel BigDawsVlogs range from $174 to $2800, and his annual earnings are close to $2100 to $33,000.

Monthly Income

Month(2022) Estimated Income
February  $ 4,000
March  $ 9,000
April  $ 6,000
May  $ 17,000
June  $ 30,000
July   $ 31,000
August  $ 15,000

Bigdawstv And Kelly Ceci Are Married

Kelly Ceci, Bigdawstv’s longtime girlfriend, is now his wife.

Before getting married and making Kelly his wife, he dated her for a while. Although he hasn’t talked much about his marriage, his Bif Daws Vlog reveals that he proposed to Kelly on July 4, 2016.


Bigdawstv celebrating birthday weekend with his wife Kelly
Bigdawstv celebrating birthday weekend with his wife Kelly ( Source : instagram )


When they announced their engagement, both couples were beaming with joy. Although Dawson and Kelly got married in 2017, they haven’t revealed much more about the special day.

How Did Dawson And Kelly Meet?

In one of his Vlog videos, Dawson talked about how he first met Kelly at a Q&A session.

A few days after relocating to Arizona nearly nine years ago, he first met his wife Kelly.


Bigdawstv's wife Kelly was pregnant with their firstborn in about 2018
Bigdawstv’s wife Kelly was pregnant with their firstborn in about 2018 ( Source : twitter )


Kelly revealed that she was a front desk clerk at a fitness center and that Dawson used to visit the facility at the precise time Kelly had her shift to work out.

In this way, they were acquainted, and as a result of a series of events, they started dating.

Kelly said that she remembers him being tall when Dawson asked her in the Vlog what she remembered about him when she first met him. Dawson revealed that he had fallen in love with Kelly at first sight when he first met her.

Bigdawstv’s Married Life Explored

Dawson and his wife Kelly have been enjoying their marriage. He adores his wife dearly, and on July 11, 2019, they welcomed Myles into the world.

In his Vlog, he talked about his wife going into labor, their trip to the hospital, and the birth of their kid. Both members of the pair like kids, and they hope to have five children total—three sons and two daughters.

They currently have four dogs: Chief, Nike, Bear, and Daisy Duke. They are also parents to their son, Myles. The couple revealed that their dog, Chief, had cancer and had quietly passed away at their house.

The couple already has a daughter and will have a daughter as their third child in July, according to the YouTuber.

What Is The Real Name Of  Bigdawstv?

Bigdawstv is actually Dawson Gurley.

He was born in Kansas, United States of America, on May 19, 1993. He is a well-known YouTuber and practical joker. Dawson, who was born in Kansas, subsequently relocated to Arizona.


Dawson and his wife Kelly are expecting their third child who is also a daughter.
Dawson and his wife Kelly are expecting their third child who is also a daughter. ( Source : facebook )


He performed raps, dunked random people, and even failed at the trading mill in his prank films. Similar to how his fake recordings of robbery caused him to be handcuffed by police.

His personal life is revealed on his upcoming YouTube channel, Big Daws Vlogs.

The Jackass movie inspired him to start making movies when he was just 11 years old. In a similar vein, he received his first video recorder as a gift, which ignited his interest in video recording and led him to YouTube. For his higher education, he attended Mesa Community College and Olathe East High School.

Bigdawstv As Fake Klay Thompson

Bigdawstv resembled NBA player Klay Thompson in appearance. He has been playing practical jokes on individuals by dressing as Klay.


Dawson is also known as fake Klay Thompson.
Dawson is also known as fake Klay Thompson. ( Source : instagram )


Throughout Golden Gate’s run to six NBA Finals, he has been dressing up as Klay and attending courtside to Warriors games. He did this for about eight years. He used to be surrounded by people who thought he was Klay Thompson. He also goes by the name Fake Klay Thompson.



Is Bigdawstv married?

Bigdawstv is married to his wife Kelly Gurley.

How much is Bigdawstv’s net worth?

Bigdawstv’s net worth is about $3 million.

How many children does Bigdawstv have?

In addition to his wife Kelly and their unborn third kid, he also has a son and a daughter.
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