Dennis Eckersley Daughter: Where Is Her Boyfriend?

Let’s find out ‘Dennis Eckersley Daughter: Where Is Her Boyfriend?’ In December 2022, Alexandra Eckersley, the adoptive daughter of George Theberge and Dennis Eckersley, gave birth to a boy.

Before Theberge’s arrest, Eckersley was taken into custody on separate charges and is currently out on bail; police suspected that they had misled about where the infant was.


Dennis Eckersley Daughter: Where Is Her Boyfriend?
Dennis Eckersley Daughter: Where Is Her Boyfriend?


Hospitalized Eckersley is accused of felony reckless conduct, endangering a child’s welfare, fabricating physical evidence, and second-degree assault with severe disregard.

Since it was discovered that Alexandra is Dennis Eckersley’s adopted daughter, news of this has been spreading.


Dennis Eckersley Daughter: Where Is Her Boyfriend?

According to the reports, Eckersley and her boyfriend’s newborn child was discovered in a chilly tent last month.

Dennis Eckersley’s family was reportedly horrified to learn the news, according to sources. They said in a statement that they were unaware of it, that they were uninformed that she was using drugs, and that she suffered from a serious mental disorder.

The family statement, according to the article, read, “It is tragic that a kid was born under such unimaginable circumstances. We all learnt about what happened from news broadcasts during this time, and we are still in full disbelief.

On December 26, 2022, she gave birth to the child in chilly conditions. Before the duo allegedly left the newborn in the tent, images of the baby in the tent were also widely circulated.


Dennis Eckersley Daughter Boyfriend
The tent where the newborn was found was in New Hampshire. (Image Source: New York Post)


Alexandra’s parents offered to let her stay with them, but she persuaded them to let her live with her lover in the woods near a few homeless camps.

And according to the sources, although the court document was released on Wednesday, her partner was detained in December.

Alexandra admitted to using cocaine and marijuana in the days leading up to giving birth to her son in the chilly woods at around one in the morning. She also told police that she had no idea she was pregnant.


George Theberge Was Arrested For Child Endangerment

Online sources verified that Manchester Police discovered the exposed infant in a tent close to the Piscataquog River, gasping for air.

Eckersley was charged with felony reckless conduct, endangering the welfare of a child, and second-degree assault in a medical facility. He pled not guilty to the allegations of child endangerment and other offenses.

Theberge noted his girlfriend had previously lied to police about the baby’s whereabouts after the charges were dropped, and the child had not lived with them since his birth.


Dennis Eckersley Daughter Boyfriend
George Theberge is the boyfriend of Alexandra Eckersley, the daughter of baseball great Dennis Eckersley. (Image Source: New York Post)

According to the police affidavit, Theberge told his girlfriend that her newborn did not have a pulse and that she did not know how to check the child’s pulse.

According to sources, the boyfriend of Alexandra Eckersley was named by Manchester Police in court documents on Wednesday and charged with witness tampering, endangering a child, and reckless behavior.

He and his girlfriend will both be facing over ten years in prison; he has been the subject of a police investigation since Wednesday.

Keep up with breaking news on George Theberge and further details regarding their charges may become available.

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