Details Of Peter Kalmus? NASA Scientist Who Was Arrested After Chaining Himself To Chase Bank

”Details Of Peter Kalmus?” 48-year-old Peter Kalmus is a data scientist and author from the United States.

He currently resides in Altadena, California. He is a well-known scientist who works as a data scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and an associate project scientist at UCLA’s Joint Institute for Regional Earth System Science & Engineering.

Peter Kalmus, Noted Scientist and Activist, Known for his Media Appearances Where He Strives to Explain the Urgency for Climate Reform ( Source : Theancestory )
Age: 48
Net Worth: $1 Million
Profession: Scientist and Activist
Nationality: American
Awards: NASA Early Career Achievement Medal
Alma Mater: Columbia University and Harvard University


He is well-known in the fields of climate science, ecological forecasting, and science communication, and has written numerous books on the subject, the most popular of which is titled Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution. He’s also made a documentary with the same title, which is meant to be a companion piece to the book.

Kalmus is also known for writing numerous articles about climate change and for co-founding the website and the app Earth Hero: Climate Change. Let it suffice to say that Kalmus is passionate about climate change.

After all, Kalmus is the most followed climate scientist on Twitter, and his primary focus is on urging the Earth science community to speak out more urgently about climate challenges in order for the larger public to hear their message.

To that aim, Kalmus has been covered in a variety of media channels, ranging from radio (CBC radio) to the internet (Buzzfeed).


Details Of Peter Kalmus?

Peter Kalmus was born on May 9, 1974, and has always been interested in science.

Kalmus’ formal schooling began in 1997, when he graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Science degree in physics.

While at Harvard, Kalmus discovered and classified the quantum-mechanical rotational spectra of numerous compounds present in interstellar clouds using the Fourier-transform spectrometry measuring technique.

After graduating, Kalmus taught high school physics in Massachusetts and supported this income by building software in New York City. In 2004, he resumed his study by enrolling in graduate school at Columbia University. He obtained his Ph.D. in physics four years later.


Peter Kalmus Speaks Onstage at a California Event on January 13, 2019
Peter Kalmus Speaks Onstage at a California Event on January 13, 2019( Source : Businessinsider )


Kalmus’ Ph.D. research focused on gravitational wave detection as a member of the LIGO Scientific Partnership, a multi-award-winning collaboration of international physics institutes and research organizations committed to the detection of gravitational waves. LIGO had 94 institutes as members as of November 2015.

As a postdoctoral scholar at the California Institute of Technology, Kalmus continued his LIGO research.

He oversaw a large full-collaboration search for gravitational waves from a variety of sources, including magnetars, gamma-ray bursts, and supernovae. This investigation also helped to properly calibrate the world’s gravitational wave observatories.


NASA Scientist Arrested After Chaining Himself To Chase Bank

Peter Kalmus shackled himself to the door of the JP Morgan Chase office in Los Angeles on August 6, 2022.

A physicist, an engineer, and a science teacher joined him. To protest the bank’s involvement in new fossil fuel projects, the group chained themselves to the bank’s door.

Kalmus’ advocacy has become increasingly visible over the years. This pattern in his career is heavily influenced by his study.


Peter Kalmus and a Fellow Scientist Chained up to a Chase Bank
Peter Kalmus and a Fellow Scientist Chained up to a Chase Bank( Source : Kcrw )


Following his work with LIGO, Kalmus shifted his focus to earth and climate science, spending a significant amount of time exploring cloud physics, such as tornadoes, to improve predictions of how the weather will change as the world warmed.

He also studies the future of the world’s coral reefs. Since coral reefs bear the brunt of climate change and are rapidly succumbing to ocean heat waves and acidity, he is the main investigator on a NASA funded research relating to this.

Over 100 peer-reviewed scholarly articles in physics and Earth science have been co-authored by Kalmus. Based on what he has witnessed in his work in climate research, his actions become more understandable.


Peter Kalmus’ Jail Sentence

Peter Kalmus and the rest of his scientist crew were quickly jailed for chaining themselves to the Chase bank door.

Fortunately, they were released after a week and will face no long-term penalties for their acts. Kalmus and NASA are pleased with how the debacle unfolded, and Kalmus remarked in an article for The Guardian that climate scientists are desperate for people to listen to them about the state of the globe.

In his tweets and public appearances, Kalmus has long been an opponent of the notion that future generations will solve the world’s climatic concerns. Kalmus’ actions are consistent with his convictions that individuals must respond quickly.

He is becoming more reliant on civil disobedience and does not intend to stop anytime soon. Kalmus has received numerous honors for his contributions to science and activism. They are the NASA Early Career Achievement Medal and three Voyager Awards from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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