Don Postles Current Health Update: Is He Hospitalized? All You Should Know About His Present Health

Learn more about ‘Current Health Update for Don Postles: Is He Hospitalized’ Don Postles, a co-anchor for WIVB-TV (Channel 4), said on Thursday that the recent separation of a low-grade malignant tumor on one of his saliva discharges was the cause of his absence.

Postles said that he found the bulge a few months ago, which led him to consult a physician who provided the diagnosis.


Don Postles Current Health Update: Is He Hospitalized? All You Should Know About His Present Health
Don Postles Current Health Update: Is He Hospitalized? All You Should Know About His Present Health


Postles has been a near-constant on Buffalo’s local TV news since the middle of the 1970s. Prior to joining WIVB, Postles was Irv Weinstein’s co-anchor at Channel 7 for over 30 years. He also has experience working as an anchor for Channel 2 following a brief spell in Fresno, California.


Don Postles Current Health Update: Is He Hospitalized?

In 2017, Don Postles was admitted to the hospital after two weeks of searching.

For WIVB Channel 4, the anchor Don Postles had been off the air for weeks due to illness.


Don Postles | News 4 Buffalo
Don Postles was hospitalized due to illness. (Source: Facebook)

Dominic Mancuso, general manager of Channel 4, was unable to speak because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, which protects the confidentiality of a person’s medical information.

Postles was said to be at a neighboring hospital, according to three sources, and his return time was unknown. They anxiously awaited Mancuso’s return because he had previously stated that he was taking a break.

In some newscasts, co-anchor Jacquie Walker took over Postles’ responsibilities, and in others, Dave Greber joined her.


What Had Happened To Don Postles?

In a November 2017 interview, Don Postles came across as animated and optimistic. The previous several months have been hard for the Channel 4 anchorman. He had missed work while recovering from an injury.

Don’s shattered ribs caused difficulties, which he had to deal with. He continued by saying that he was lucky to be at the hospital where his ailment could be swiftly identified and treated. He also developed pneumonia.

He said it wasn’t fun being in the hospital for so long and that he was sorry. Although he was in the hospital for a number of months, Millard Suburban Hospital’s staff were great.

Postles adds that he was eager to return to work despite the outstanding nurses and personnel, but he found it difficult to make up for missing the big news. The major Officer Lehner story and election night, which he had always liked working on, were also missed, he continued, making it hard to observe from a distance.

Postles claimed that at the time, the most important thing was that he was still alive and sitting in the anchor chair. He also thanked everyone and expressed his satisfaction.

He said it was amazing to be back and that everyone welcomed him with open arms.

Now it’s back to business as usual. Postles, however, has a new perspective and says he won’t be upset with his producers if they do something.


More Details About Don Postles Health Status

On Wednesday night, News 4’s veteran anchor Don Postles provided the Buffalo community with another health update.


News 4's Don Postles shares a health update - YouTube
Don Postles is recovering after having a cancerous tumor removed from his face (Source: Twitter)

Don stated that he was recovering after surgery to remove a malignant growth from his face in October. He stated that he was making progress toward returning to the air, despite the stress of the surgery affecting some of the nerves in his face.

Don asserted that his injury was healing and that he was just waiting for one lower facial nerve to regenerate.

Don said in October that the physicians thought that everything had been removed, therefore no chemotherapy nor radiation would be necessary. A Facebook post regarding the information received more than 500 congrats.

He thanked everyone for their messages, prayers, and well wishes.

He also sent everyone his warmest wishes for the upcoming holidays.

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