English Actor Lewis kirk Wiki Bio And Height From Les Miserables Musical Film- Facts To Know

Let’s find out ‘English Actor Lewis kirk Wiki Bio And Height From Les Miserables Musical Film’ Lewis Kirk is an actor most recognized for his role in Tom Hopper’s epic historical musical Les Miserables.

He played Handsome Soldier 1 in the 2012 motion picture Les Misérables. From a script by Alain Boublil, William Nicholson, Herbert Kretzmer, and Claude-Michel Schonberg, Hopper directed the movie.

The film is based on the 1985 West End English translation of the well-known 1980 French musical by Schonberg and Boublil, which itself is an adaptation of the 1862 French novel of the same name by Victor Hugo. The story is set in early nineteenth-century France.


English Actor Lewis kirk Wiki Bio And Height From Les Miserables Musical Film- Facts To Know
English Actor Lewis kirk Wiki Bio And Height From Les Miserables Musical Film- Facts To Know


Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean, Russell Crowe as Javert, Anne Hathaway as Fantine, Amanda Seyfried as Cosette, Sacha Baron Cohen as Thenardier, and Helena Bonham Carter as Madame Thanardier are among the ensemble cast members in Les Miserables.

The movie had its London premiere on December 5, 2012 at Leicester Square, and it was released in the US on December 25, and in the UK on January 11, 2013. Over $441 million was made worldwide, and reviews were mostly favorable.


Quick Facts:

Full Name Lewis Kirk
Residence London, England
Age Mid-20s
Profession Actor
Debut Les Misérables
Recent Appearance The Capture (TV Series)
Instagram @_lewiskirk_


Details About English Actor Lewis kirk Age

Lewis Kirk, who played Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, is most likely in his mid-20s based on her appearances and demeanor. In the monumental musical picture Les Miserables from 2012, he received his first television role.

The performer is especially well-known for his role as dancing instructor Johnny Castle in the popular musical Dirty Dancing. In the popular 1987 movie, Patrick Swayze made the part renowned. In October 2015, the musical was presented at Venue Cymru in Llandudno for a two-week engagement.

During the early 1960s, Johnny works in a resort in the state of New York. He engages in a love relationship with a visitor there, who is portrayed by Jessie Hart (an idealistic youngster Baby). Kirk became a part of the ensemble cast of Dirty Dancing.


English Actor Lewis kirk Wiki Bio And Height From Les Miserables Musical Film- Facts To Know
English Actor Lewis kirk Wiki Bio And Height From Les Miserables Musical Film- Facts To Know


Kirk was given more attention after Gareth Bailet, the featured performer, hurt his ankle. “It was a wonderful role to perform. It is a classic movie “When questioned about the musical, the actor responded. It’s a beautiful part to perform, and there are some fantastic sequences with Baby, he continued.

He said that he didn’t have much time for exercise but that his performance in Dirty Dancing had given him more endurance. Kirk claims that the audience is made up of more people than simply the devoted group of fans that watched the movie when it originally came out.

His three devoted sisters had introduced him to the movie. Kirk claimed that he will be able to learn more about the area thanks to the Llandudno musical. Due to the musical, he made his first trip to North Wales and was eager to learn more about the region’s unique characteristics.

English Actor Lewis kirk Wiki Bio Info

Lewis Kirk, a young actor, was born in Cambridgeshire and now resides in London, England, in the United Kingdom.

He is well-known for playing Sage House Op Louie in Ben Chanan’s British mystery-thriller series The Capture, which he also directed and wrote. Holliday Grainger, Cavan Clerkin, Ron Perlman, Callum Turner, Ben Miles, and Laura Haddock are among the cast members.

The suspenseful television show had its BBC One debut on September 3, 2019, and critics mainly praised it. A second season was commissioned, it was announced in June 2020, and it debuted on BBC One in the UK on August 28, 2022.


Lewis portrays Handsome Soldier 1 in the 2012 film Les Misérables.
Lewis portrays Handsome Soldier 1 in the 2012 film Les Misérables. ( Source : www4 )


On November 3, 2022, Peacock will air the second season’s American debut. In the most recent season, rising politician Isaac Turner finds himself involved in a similar plot after a deep fake of him forced Rachel to race against time to find the truth.

Paapa Essiedu, Indira Varma, Andy Nyman, Rob Yang, Charlie Murphy, Tessa Wong, Harry Michell, Natalie Dew, Joseph Arley, and Angus Wright are among the cast members of Series 2. Series 2’s last episode aired on September 12, 2022.

English Actor Lewis kirk Height Info

Lewis Kirk, who plays Lewis in The Capture, is a tall, beautiful 6 feet (182.88 cm). Since his debut in 2012, he has actively contributed to the entertainment sector.

Lewis gained the role of Martel de Guise in the well-liked historical romance drama television series Reign, produced by Stephanie SenGupta and Laurie McCarthy for The CW, after securing a part in the 2012 production of Les Misérables.


Lewis Kirk plays the role of Safe House Op Louie in the TV series The Capture (2019-2022).
Lewis Kirk plays the role of Safe House Op Louie in the TV series The Capture (2019-2022). ( Source : pinterest )


Intruders, With Friends Like These, and Spiders in a Jar were the three Reign episodes in which he had an appearance. The CW broadcast the CBS Television Studios and Warner Bros. Television produced show, which debuted on October 17, 2013, and ended on June 16, 2017, following four successful seasons.

Television reviewers gave Reign mixed reviews after its premiere, praising the performance and costume design but criticizing its historical inaccuracy. The audience seems to enjoy Kirk’s portrayal of Martel.

Additionally to Adelaide Kane, Megan Follows, Celina Sinden, Torrance Coombs, Anna Popplewell, Rachel Skarsten, Craig Parker, Rose Williams, Jonathan Williams, Charlie Carrick, Jonathan Keltz, Ben Geurens, and Jonathan Goad, Lewis also made an appearance.

Who Is English Actor Lewis Kirk Wife?

Lewis Kirk is most likely not dating anybody and is not likely to be single. In addition, the actor prefers to keep his love life private and hasn’t made any public remarks about it.

He has also kept his personal Instagram account, which goes by the pseudonym @ lewiskirk_, private. The Capture actor has six hundred and twelve posts after nineteen posts, and four hundred and twenty-three followers.


Actor Lewis Kirk's looks from Les Miserables.
Actor Lewis Kirk’s looks from Les Miserables. ( Source : ar )


Celebs frequently have even the slightest connections to their co-stars or fellow celebrities. However, there are no rumors of Lewis dating any of his famous friends or co-stars.

Numerous of his admirers now consider him to be their new favorite person in the world of entertainment. Many young ladies have found love with Lewis, but the dashing hunk now seems to be unmarried, and admirers can’t wait to watch him flaunt his lady in the future.

Details About English Actor Lewis Kirk Net Worth

Lewis Kirk’s acting and modeling careers have definitely contributed significantly to his considerable net worth. He made his acting debut in the historical drama Les Miserables in 2012.

In his acting career, he has nine film credits. Kirk’s subsequent performance after Les Miserables was in the historical romance drama Reign as Martel de Guise (2016-2017). In the television film Babs, he later portrayed Johnny Brandon.

Babs, a film by Samantha Spiro with Charlie Archer as Scott Mitchell, Nick Moran as John Deeks, and Honor Kneafsey as Teen Barbara, was directed by Dominic Leclerc and written by Spiro based on the Barbara Windsor novel.

Lewis portrayed Martin Crossley in the Doctors episode “Sense and Sensitivity” in 2018, which also starred Jan Pearson, Matthew Chambers, Diane Keen, and Elisabeth Dermot Walsh in addition to Adrian Lewis Morgan as Dr. Jimmi Clay.


Lewis has been active in the industry since 2012.
Lewis has been active in the industry since 2012. ( Source : adorocinema )


Kirk was cast as Hans in Terry Lee Coker’s directed and written picture The Guard of Auschwitz that same year. Alongside Claudia Grace Mckell, Michael McKell, Stephen Boxer, Noeleen Comiskey, and Sally George, the actor portrayed them.

In the 2019 Walt Disney Pictures fantasy picture Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Kirk played the role of Horse Soldier. The film’s screenplay by Micah Fitzerman-Blue, Noah Harpster, and Linda Woolverton was used as the basis for Joachim Ronning’s direction.

The actor played Nathan in the Terry Lee Coker-directed movie Skinned in 2020. Bradley Coker wrote it based on a Terry Lee short tale.Kirk was cast as the lead, with Heyle-Marie Axe, Joel Rothwell, and Noeleen Comiskey.

He was cast as Dave in the William Bridges and Brett Goldstein-created television series Soulmates’ episode “Watershed” the same year. Patrick Bayale, Bill Skarsgard, Sarah Snook, Charlie Heaton, Betsy Brandt, and David Costabile were among the cast members.


Some FAQs

How old is Lewis Kirk?

Les Miserables actor Lewis is possibly in his mid-20s, judging by her looks.

How tall is Lewis Kirk?

The actor stands 6′ (1.83 m).

What character does Lewis Kirk play in The Capture?

Kirk portrays the role of Safe House Op Louie in the television series The Capture.
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