Has Auralescent Revealed His Face? Here's How He Really Looks Like

Let find out ”Has Auralescent Revealed His Face?” YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster Auralescent is well-known for her ASMR roleplaying videos.

The tingling feeling known as ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, typically starts on the scalp and travels down the back of the neck and spine.

It is a nice variety of paresthesia, an unnatural skin sensation. ASMR is frequently compared to frisson overlapping with auditory-tactile synesthesia.

People who have experienced ASMR agree that it results in a subjective feeling of low-grade euphoria, which has frequently been described as a combination of happy emotions and a definite static-like tingling sensation on the skin.

Has Auralescent Revealed His Face? Here's How He Really Looks LikeAuralescent is a Youtuber and Twitch streamer known for making ASMR roleplaying videos. ( Source : Latestnews )

Has Auralescent Revealed His Face?

No, Auralescent, a streamer on Twitch and YouTube, has not performed a face reveal on any of his platforms.

The fact that Auralescent’s videos are audio-only is what makes them so appealing. The voice, and alone the voice, which is frequently soothing and deep, is what draws people to these kinds of videos.

The background of the majority of audio-only boyfriend roleplaying channels features an anime or furry boy, either as a painting or an avatar. Auralescent was retro, speaking to the listener while only having a black screen.


Has Auralescent Revealed His Face? Here's How He Really Looks Like
Auralescent is very private and hasn’t done a face reveal or revealed anything about himself to the public ( Source : youtube )


Although he slurred and had a powerful voice, he also had extended pauses. It nearly seems as though the listener would be sleeping next to him. Even though he joined on April 21, 2019, his admirers loved it, which is why he has gathered over 49,242,130 views.

Since March 24, 2020, when he initially submitted a video, each of his subsequent uploads has received hundreds of millions of views. His most watched video has 1.7 million views and is a boyfriend roleplay in which he falls asleep next to the viewer.

Five of Auralescent’s videos have received one million views or more.

What Is The Real Name Of Auralescent?

Auralescent, a streamer on Twitch and YouTube, has kept his identity a secret.

Auralescent is highly secretive, as one could expect from someone who hasn’t done a face reveal. Even though he has posted numerous Frequently Asked Questions videos on his channel, the majority of them tend to focus on unimportant facts and items he either likes or dislikes.

Since Auralescent vanished, his supporters have been begging for any information on him.

There is a sense of mystery surrounding the entire situation because no one knows why he vanished. Despite being a private individual, Auralescent has never sought to be mysterious.


An example of a standard Auralescent youtube video thumbnail
An example of a standard Auralescent youtube video thumbnail ( Source : noxinfluencer )


Although there haven’t been any outright protests or inquiries as to where he’s gone, there have been rumblings among his fan base that have led to inquiries. Some stories claim that he simply wanted a break, while others claim that he has found love, and still others claim that he will return shortly.

Auralescent has taken breaks in the past, but this one is by far the longest. His supporters are still eagerly awaiting his homecoming.

What Is Auralescent Net Worth?

Neither Auralescent nor any other sources have been able to ascertain his net worth.

It’s not surprising that Auralescent’s net worth is not widely known given that she is a very private YouTuber. But with 203 videos and 302K subscribers, he has undoubtedly made a tidy sum of money via YouTube.

Since his channel is unsponsored, any income he has received is most likely from AdSense, cash contributions to his Patreon or Paypal account, and Twitch donations.

Auralescent’s finances are a mystery just as much as he is, therefore not much else is known about him.


Auralescent earns most of his income through patreon and paypal
Auralescent earns most of his income through patreon and paypal ( Source : c7 )


His followers are eagerly anticipating his return to YouTube. There are comments on almost all of his vids asking whether he is returning or not. The best that fans and admirers can do is wait patiently as there is currently no information on Auralescent’s comeback on the internet as of the writing of this article.

In the interim, other other YouTube channels have started creating illustrations and animations for Auralescent’s videos. Although some admirers of the VA have claimed that these videos are stolen, they have grown very popular with the VA’s followers.

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