Has Drista Revealed Her Face? Here's How She Really Looks Like

Let find out ”Has Drista Revealed Her Face?” The sister of Dream, a Minecraft broadcaster, Drista is a Twitch livestream.

She goes by the nickname Tommy, which he created by combining the terms “Dream” and “sister,” for the sister of the Dream.

When she spoke with YouTuber Tommy while Tommy was playing Minecraft on Dream’s server, she was 14 years old. They were observed enjoying themselves while playing Minecraft.

Drista hasn’t made her identity or face known to the public.


Has Drista Revealed Her Face? Here's How She Really Looks LikeDrista has not revealed her face yet to the public. ( Source : Twitter )


Name Drista or Dream’s sister
Age 15
Profession Gamer and Twitch streamer


Has Drista Revealed Her Face?

On October 10, 2020, Drista made her debut on Dream’s SMP, her brother.

When Dream revealed that his mother had informed him at the lunch table that she had received a notification that Tommy was broadcasting, Tommy and Dream were playing in the Minecraft SMP.

Later, his sister, who was a fan of Tommy, viewed his videos on his mother’s fun channel. The Dream also mentioned the possibility of his sister currently viewing his stream.


Dream promised to bring up his sister so they could converse. Dream’s sister’s name was kept a secret, so when Tommy inquired what it was, he replied, “It’s Drista.”

When Tommy heard her calling him a child in a kind way, he implored her to take it back, but she insisted that he was a child. Tommy pointed out that although being considerably younger than him, Drista was the child.

Tommy, who was 16 years old, and Drista, 14, spoke, made jokes, and played the game as Dream intermittently made an appearance in the background.

What Is Drista’s Real Name?

She goes by the alias Drista and hasn’t revealed her real name yet.

She is also referred to as Dream’s sibling. Her brother is a popular YouTuber who posts about Minecraft.


Drista is active on her Twitter account and is seen tweeting quite often.
Drista is active on her Twitter account and is seen tweeting quite often. ( Source : twitter )


People are speculating as to when Dream and his sister would publicly expose their faces. Dream has not yet shown his face, and his name is Clay.

On Twitter and Discord, Drista is a somewhat active user. On Twitter, she has connected with about 20.4k followers.

In one tweet posted to her Twitter account, she was also seen wishing her brother a happy birthday. Drista initially caught people’s notice when she showed up when her brother was playing Minecraft with YouTuber Tommy and other gamers.

On December 14, 2020, she made a second appearance in the Minecraft SMP, where she encountered Tommy and got into trouble with him. She used lava to try to kill him.

After Tommy was banished from the SMP, he pleaded with Drista to grant him permission to return, even for a short time. Drista agreed and allowed Tommy to rejoin the SMP.


Drista’s Estimated Net Worth In 2022

Drista’s net worth in 2022 might range from a few thousand dollars to a million dollars.

She has not been forthcoming about her earnings. She rose to prominence after she appeared while her brother Dream was playing Minecraft SM with Tommy.

She participates in her brother’s SMP, and her role is one of the gods or demigods.

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