Let’s find out “Is Maggie Haberman Pregnant In 2022?” There are rumors that Maggie Haberman is expecting her fourth child. Three children are already a part of the family with Maggie and her husband.

American journalist Maggie Haberman was born and raised there. She has had positions as a White House correspondent for The New York Times, a political commentator for CNN, and a political reporter for the New York Post.

For Politico and the New York Daily News, she contributed reporting. She rose to fame by contributing to those publications and working for the Times throughout Donald Trump’s campaign, presidency, and post-presidency.


Is Maggie Haberman Pregnant In 2022?

There are numerous claims that Maggie Haberman is expecting a child. It appears to be only a rumor, though.

The journalist hasn’t revealed her second child to her fans or confirmed the reports. She’s a 48-year-old mother of three children.

She already had two children when she became pregnant with her third child, so the family wasn’t prepared for a third child. Although it seems like the senior political writer is completely absorbed in her work, perhaps the whispers will eventually die down.

As a well-known reporter, she constantly dealt with rumors of many types, and the pregnancy appeared to be one of those rumors that got off to a bad start.

The three Gregorian kids are Dashiell, Max, and Miri. Their mother is named Maggie Haberman. Since Maggie’s three gorgeous kids are in school, their private lives are kept private.

Maggie Haberman’s Husband – Wedding Photos Explored

You can view Maggie Haberman and Dareh Ardashes Gregoria’s beautiful wedding images online. They enjoy a happy marriage.

Dareh Ardashes and Maggie Gregoria has a long-standing marriage. Before being married to him in November 2003, she dated him for about seven years.

On the Tribeca Rooftop in Manhattan, the pair exchanged vows. Over the course of the 1996 winter, they got to know one another, and they soon started dating and had a wonderful relationship.

Journalist, researcher, reporter, and typist Dareh is well-known. He is renowned for being Vartan Gregorian’s son and for being good friends with Maggie.

Iranian-American Academic Vartan is the president of the nonprofit “Carnegie Corporation of New York.” Dareh has some American and some Armenian ancestry.

Where Is American Journalist Maggie Haberman Today?

At the moment, American journalist Maggie Haberman is a political commentator for CNN and a White House correspondent for The New York Times.

Is Maggie Haberman Pregnant In 2022
Maggie Haberman

According to an analysis by British digital strategist Rob Blackie, Haberman was one of the political writers that Biden administration staff members most regularly followed on Twitter.

She has received praise for becoming “the highest-profile reporter” to cover Trump’s presidential campaign and early years in office and for being “the most-cited journalist in the Mueller report.”

Haberman was one of the media figures for whom Nick Sandmann’s lawyers were suing him for slander in January 2020 because of her coverage of the 2019 Lincoln Memorial Confrontation.

According to Haberman and The New York Times, the Hillary Clinton email scandal attracted a lot more attention than the numerous issues involving her opponent Donald Trump.

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