Are Donny Cates And Megan Hutchison Getting Divorced?

Learn more about ‘Are Donny Cates And Megan Hutchison Getting Divorced?’ American comic book creator and writer Donny Cates has contributed to several books for Marvel and other publishers, including Venom, Doctor Strange, and Thanos.

Along with writing for Image Comics, he has contributed to IDW Publishing with stories like “God Country.” He started writing Thor in 2020, and he and illustrator Ryan Stegman launched KLC Press, their own production company, in 2021.

In 2021, Cates also took over as Hulk’s writer, and artist Ryan Ottley joined the group. Vansh, a book by Cates and Stegman, would be published physically by Image Comics, it was confirmed in June 2022.


Are Donny Cates And Megan Hutchison Getting Divorced?
Are Donny Cates And Megan Hutchison Getting Divorced?


Fans worried that anything was wrong in the author’s personal life as they started to wonder if Donny Cates’ Crossover book had been canceled or if he had moved on to work for another comic book publisher. We will talk about Donny Cates’s wife’s relationship status and whether or not they have broken up in this piece.


Donny’s Deleted Tweets Raised Rumors That He Was Divorcing

Fans have noticed that Ryan Ottley will be serving as the artist and writer for the upcoming Incredible Hulk storyline in place of Donny Cates, who appears to have vanished from the scene. He hadn’t been heard from in a while, and in the past he’d taken breaks from Twitter and complained about trolls there.


Are Donny Cates And Megan Hutchison Getting Divorced?
Are Donny Cates And Megan Hutchison Getting Divorced?


He has routinely produced high-caliber work over the past few years, and for the past year or so, there have been rumblings concerning his marital issues.

Additionally, a large number of his deleted tweets from a few months ago appear to suggest that he and his wife Megan Hutchison-Cates are divorcing. It has also been conjectured that his drug use and subsequent relapse played a role in the divorce. Cates has already spoken openly about his history of substance misuse and his current status as an addict in recovery.


Cates Said His Wife Megan Hutchison-Cates Was Getting Harassed When The Two First Began Dating

Last year, Donny claimed on Twitter that he had been the target of photoshopped abuse by “CG incels,” but he also asserted that harassing him and his girlfriend by comic book pros had occurred before he started seeing her.

According to Cates, as long as the complement is made in good faith and the relationship is one of trust, it is OK for friends, whether male and female, to make positive comments about someone’s beauty. He makes it clear that Megan Hutchison-Cates has many male friends who work in the movie and comic book industries, and that these people appreciate Megan and their marriage.

Cates claims that he would not object if one of these pals made a positive social media comment on Megan’s attractiveness. It remains to be determined if anything related to all of this contributed to Cates’ marital problems.


Donny Cates’ Wife Drops ‘Cates’ Surname From Her Instagram Profile: Have They Separated?

Fans who pay close attention quickly noticed that Cates’ wife’s Instagram page no longer includes the surname “Cates.” Megan Hutchison regularly shares bits of her life with her audience on Instagram, where she goes by the handle @blackem art and has 6119 followers.



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A post shared by ????? ℌ???????? (@blackem_art)

Fans will likely have to wait with bated breath until there is an official announcement or the narrative progresses since neither Donny Cates nor his wife Megan Hutchison have confirmed a split to date.

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