Is Muni Long A Filipino?- Facts About Parents' Nationality And Ethnicity
Muni Long is the writer for Imagine by Ariana Grande, California King Bed By Rihanna, A No No By Mariah Carey, to name a few. ( Source : instagram )


Although the 33-year-old singer-songwriter Muni Long is not Filipino, the country is where her name is from.

Since working with multi-platinum and Grammy Award winner Afrojack on their new project, Day N Night, she has been making the rounds.

Now that he has collaborated with Universal Music Group, the stage will feature her amazing vocals. The irresistible baseline, which features intense and invigorating beats, is already a smash because it was a collaboration of a lifetime.

Additionally, Afrojack and Black V Neck have collaborated before, as they are regarded as a formidable team in the music industry. The high-quality productions and Muni’s vocals work together to give the song the ideal finishing touch.

She was called one of the most in-demand R&B musicians after winning MTV’s Global PUSH Artist of the Year award. You can listen to the song on Wall Recording’s web page and join the millions of others who have enjoyed it.

Quick Info: 

Full Name Priscilla Renea Hamilton
Birthday September 14, 1988
Age 33 years old
Hometown Vero Beach, Florida
Occupation Singer and songwriter
Nationality American


Is A Muni Long Filipino? Ethnicity Explored

Muni Long: A Filipino or not? Let’s learn all there is to know about her. Despite the fact that singer-songwriter Muni Long is African American, her admirers have excellent cause to believe that she is Filipino.

She was initially born to American parents under the name Priscilla Renea Hamilton and raised in Vero Beach, Florida. She quickly realized she needed to develop a means to defend herself after breaking into the music business, so she established the alter identity Muni Long, which is pronounced like money long.

She discussed how the name evolved into her shield during a Vogue interview and helped her succeed in the business for the previous 12 years. The word’s double-entendre in Filipino means “to think deeply” and “to examine within.”

She also desired that her uncommon surname would be associated with her wealth.

She intended to inspire people to act out regardless of the situation, even though many would find her behavior abhorrent.


Muni Long performs ‘Hrs and Hrs’ at 2022 BET Awards
Muni Long performs ‘Hrs and Hrs’ at 2022 BET Awards ( Source : latestnews )


She described herself as a little child who was watching Aaliyah’s music videos on the TV and realized she needed to be extravagant to survive.

After developing a strong attitude, she stumbled upon YouTube and started making music-related stuff there. She shot for the stars when she entered a competition whose winner would perform at the Grammy Awards with NSYNC lead singer Justin Timberlake.

Despite her lack of success, she did not give up and kept making cover songs. As a result, her music channel, Muni Long, now has approximately 500,000 subscribers.

She joined the platform in 2020 and has since amassed an incredible 100 million views across all of her videos.

Muni Long Parents: Who Are They? What Nationality Is She?

The daughter of militants, American singer-songwriter Muni Long. Her father was a Navy employee before he discovered his passion for music.

She currently divides her time between residing in Florida and traveling to Los Angeles for a recording session that results in at least 10 to 15 songs.

She had played up as a child in her grandmother’s bed sheets and costume jewelry, so she had always known she would be a performer. When she was two years old, her family would take turns blasting the newest tunes while driving through the mountains in their mini cooper.

In fact, her mother volunteered her to sing at weddings, funerals, and special family occasions since she recognized that they had a prodigy at home.

When she was younger, her reserved attitude first detested the push and refused to abide by her requests. She didn’t want to share her singing with strangers because it was special to her.

But because of the continual moving, she had her own set of worries because her pals were never around. She found comfort in the choir or acting program at the school.

She swiftly picked up adaptability despite Black neighborhoods’ hostility to theater.

She paid no attention to the doubters and maintained her focus until she finally crossed over into the city of Angels.

How Rich Is Muni Long-Net Worth Explored

Muni Long, a musician, has a net worth of roughly $4 million as of 2022.

She emerged from the ashes in 2009 after Capitol Records released her first studio album, Jukebox. She persevered with songwriting after not finding the success she had hoped for and spent decades writing songs for various singers. The encounters helped her find her niche as a budding artist and changed the course of her musical career.

She tried once more in 2018, releasing Coloured, her second studio album, since her musical taste had changed. She established Supergiant Records the next year and enjoyed enormous success with her single Hrs and Hrs.


Muni Long attends the Universal Music Group Grammy party at Spago by Wolfgang Puck
Muni Long attends the Universal Music Group Grammy party at Spago by Wolfgang Puck ( Source : gettyimages )


The song emphasized her strengths as the lyrics gained popularity on TikTok and earned spots on the Billboard charts. She had always been successful because of her self-assurance, which helped her win a Grammy Award nomination for her work on Back of My Mind.

Little known to the majority, she had long battled her demons before she finally revealed in an interview that she had lupus. Her career was severely hampered by the conditions, which also caused her continuous exhaustion and body problems.

But she still suffers from the misery of being unable to work because her autoimmune disease brought her dangerously near to her away. The obstinate woman had pleaded with the grim reaper to permit her to remain on earth until she accomplished everything she desired.


How old is Muni long?

  •  Priscilla Renea is 33 years of age.

Who has Muni long written songs for?

  • Priscilla Renea’s writing credits include hits for Pitbull and Kesha’s Timber, Fifth Harmony’s Worth It, Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood’s Somethin’ Bad, and Rihanna’s California King Bed. Ten years after forging an indelible mark as a songwriter, Renea is stepping up to the mike as a singer.

Who signed Muni long?

  • Muni long signed with Def Jam Recordings, Sony Music Entertainment, Capitol Records, Virgin Records, Create Music Group, and Thirty Tigers.

How much do songwriters make?

  • The mechanical royalty was established in 1909 and set at 2 cents. Today, the current rate is 9.1 cents.
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