Janusz Walus Daughter: Was Ewa Walus Among Chris Hani Killers? Here Is What You Should Know

Let’s find out ‘Janusz Walus Daughter: Was Ewa Walus Among Chris Hani Killers?’ One of the terms that people have been searching for the most recently is “Janusz Walus Daughter.” If you’re interested in the subject, you’ve come to the correct spot since we’ll examine Janusz and his daughter in more detail. We’ll also look at what made their lives newsworthy.

Janusz Walu, who was born in Zakopane in communist-ruled Poland, relocated to South Africa in 1981 to join his father and brother, who had already emigrated there in the 1970s and had established a small glass industry.


Janusz Walus Daughter: Was Ewa Walus Among Chris Hani Killers? Here Is What You Should Know
Janusz Walus Daughter: Was Ewa Walus Among Chris Hani Killers? Here Is What You Should Know


After the family business failed a few years later, a truck driver who was active in far-right politics and supported the apartheid state in South Africa joined the National Party and the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging.


Janusz Walus Daughter: Was Ewa Walus Among Chris Hani Killers?

Janusz Walus Daughter has become one of the most talked-about topics in the world as a result of her successful journey into media celebritydom.

“Janusz Walus Daughter” is among the phrases that people have been looking up most lately. If you’re curious about the topic, you’ve come to the right spot because we’ll look more closely at Janusz and his daughter. We’ll also examine what about their lives attracted news coverage.

Just two months before martial law was enacted in 1981, Ewa Walu was a young child when her father, Janusz, moved to South Africa to live with his father and brother.

Ewa and her mother were left behind in the middle of Poland in the town of Radom. She hasn’t seen him since his brief vacation to Poland in 1992. A year later, he would be put to death by a South African court for murder.

Janusz Walu, who was living in southern Poland, relocated to Radom in the late 1970s while Radom was still facing reprisals from the communist authorities.

Dissidents started working together with Polish workers at this time, laying the groundwork for Solidarity’s founding in 1980 and the eventual overthrow of the government.


Inside The Life Of Janusz Walus 

Janusz Jakub Walu, a Goral Polish murderer, was adjudicated guilty. He held dual South African and Polish citizenship from 1986 until his South African citizenship was revoked in 2017.

Chris Hani, the chief of staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), the armed wing of the African National Congress, as well as the general secretary of the South African Communist Party, was assassinated in 1993.


Polish immigrant and convicted killer Janusz Walus has been released on parole after serving 29 years in prison for killing Struggle stalwart Chris Hani File Photo
Polish-immigrant-and-convicted-killer-Janusz-Walus-has-been-released-on-parole-after-serving-29-years-in-prison-for-killing-Struggle-stalwart-Chris-Hani (Source: IOL)

Walu is presently serving a life sentence at C-Max prison in Pretoria for this crime (ANC). Walt’s counsel claimed that he had undergone complete rehabilitation, but on November 13, 2020, he was denied parole for the fourth time.

Easter Saturday, April 10, 1993, saw the murder of Chris Hani, which also marked the beginning of negotiations to put an end to apartheid. Walu arrived at Chris Hani’s house in Boksburg, Johannesburg, around 10:20 a.m.

When Walu yelled Hani’s name as he got out of the car, he had just arrived home. Hani was shot once in the torso and three times in the head after turning around.

Hani died away there and then as Walu left. Walu was caught after a neighbor spotted the car’s registration plate veering away.

Despite his protestations, Walu was found out when he mistook one of the police officers for a right-wing fanatic.

The person who plotted the murder and made arrangements for Walu to obtain the weapon was Clive Derby-Lewis, according to a comprehensive investigation.

Hani was listed as the third person Walu and Derby-Lewis intended to kill on a hit list that the police found. Nelson Mandela and Joe Slovo’s names and addresses were also included on the list.

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