T.I. Has Disclosed How His Time Spent In Prison Cost Him Movie Roles

Let find out ”T.I. Has Disclosed How His Time Spent In Prison Cost Him Movie Roles” Rapper T.I. previously sought to establish a presence in Hollywood after becoming well-known in the music business. But the actor’s acting career was previously hampered by spending time in jail.


Because Of His Imprisonment, T.I. Missed Out On “Tower Heist”

Before his time in prison, the superstar T.I. was in the thick of a flourishing film career. He had been in films like American Gangster and Takers, and he was quickly establishing a reputation for himself in Hollywood. However, he lost out on a few acting opportunities because of his prison sentence in 2010, which may have improved his acting possibilities.

One of the movies was the heist drama Tower Heist, in which Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller ultimately starred. The multi-platinum performer said he was originally slated to be on the humorous roster in an interview with Daily Beast.

I was actually going to be in Tower Heist, guy. I was “disdisposed.” It was years ago when Brett Ratner hadn’t even been hired to make the film when me and Brian Grazer, who produced American Gangster, were talking about it.


T.I. Has Disclosed How His Time Spent In Prison Cost Him Movie RolesT.I. | Prince Williams/Wireimage


T.I. was already in prison while the idea was on the verge of becoming a real movie.

After that, it vanished, then reappeared with Brett and Ben Stiller involved. I was then given another chance, and Brett and I had some really wonderful talks about it while I was present. Life then began to happen. However, I still think it will be a good movie,” he added.

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Other Roles That Rapper T.I. Was Passed Over

Prison term for the rapper cost him more than just the movie Tower Heist. T.I. lost out on collaborating with numerous well-known stars and was being considered for other blockbusters.

They called me for it in G.I. Joe II [G.I. Joe: Retaliation].

Brad Pitt’s World War Z. That is why they phoned me. With Sylvester Stallone, I would have co-starred in the Joel Silver film “Bullet to the Head.” T.I. previously remarked to Sister 2 Sister (via Contact Music) “They phoned me for it too.

T.I. was still able to recover thanks to his acting profession, though. The rapper expanded his filmography after being freed from prison by appearing in movies like Get Hard and Ant-Man. The rapper last appeared in a feature film in 2020’s Monster Hunter.


Why T.I. Was Originally Given An 11-Month Jail Term

According to reports, T.I. was once pulled over by police in Los Angeles in September 2010 for a moving infraction. The rapper was detained and imprisoned when the authorities engaged in the investigation discovered narcotics in the rapper’s automobile. T.I. was expected to get a two-year term from the prosecution for the offense. T.I., however, was able to secure a sentence of of 11 months.

Following his incarceration, the hip-hop mogul made a promise to mend his ways, blaming his actions in large part on drug addiction.

I learned from speaking with my probation officer that I had a lot of issues dating back to my early years. I am now dealing with the addiction disease. For myself, my mom, and my kids, I need help. I need the judge to be lenient with me. T.I. once pleaded with the judge during his sentence, according to CNN, “Judge, don’t send me back to prison.”

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