Joanna Gaines Unveils There Is One Aspect Of Fame, Chip Gaines Is A 'Much Better' Handler Than She Is

Let find out ”Joanna Gaines Unveils There Is One Aspect Of Fame, Chip Gaines Is A ‘Much Better’ Handler Than She Is” Being one half of a famous couple can have its pros and cons. Joanna Gaines  revealed one part of fame that her husband, Chip Gaines, handles “so much better” than her.

Continue reading to find out exactly aspect of being in the spotlight irritates Joanna. Furthermore, why does she believe Chip’s response is more appropriate than hers?

Joanna Gaines Unveils There Is One Aspect Of Fame, Chip Gaines Is A 'Much Better' Handler Than She Is
Chip and Joanna Gaines | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Negative Headlines Associated With Celebrity, According To Joanna Gaines, ‘Strike A Nerve’ With Her

In a 2021 note for the Magnolia Journal, Joanna wrote about becoming famous without preparation. She offered, “Some years ago, Chip and I found ourselves in a world we’d never known with no instructions or road map.”

The “beauty and blessings” that came with Fixer Upper were unexpected, she said, adding that her family, which now includes five children, is “continually grateful for” the experience.

However, she explained that they quickly learned that their celebrity meant they were now part of the news cycle, whether they liked it or not. “Stories are written about us, our family, our plans, our ostensible values, and our politics,” she wrote. “A lot of times it’s so unbelievable [they] can’t help but laugh,” she continued.

But not every situation is amusing to Joanna. “Every now and again, a headline or article may hit a nerve, no matter how off the mark it may be,” she explained. Because we are human, those times are more difficult to reconcile, and the thought that “it’s just part of the terrain” doesn’t make false allegations any less painful.”

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Chip Gaines Is ‘so much better’ At Handling The Negative Aspects Of Fame Than Joanna Gaines, According To Joanna Gaines

Joanna admitted that bad headlines get under her skin, but her spouse has a different reaction. “Chip is so much better than I am at this,” she explained. “He can let their insults slide off his back when it’s evident that it’s nothing more than someone who knows nothing about us prodding us where it hurts.”

“He can continue forward,” she added. “Then there’s me, the one who wants to make things right. Who wants to call a foul because I believed we were all playing fairly?”

In a same vein, Chip once told a story about how stardom became too much for him. While they were together, one of their children got separated, and they were both besieged by an enthusiastic audience.


Joanna Gaines finds beauty in shared moments outside of fame and headlines

Joanna ended her email by saying that she believes there is more good in the world than bad, and that the little things remind her of that. The Fixer Upper: Welcome Home star stated that we have “fooled ourselves into thinking that real connection is too difficult to come by these days,” but added, “… I’ve witnessed too many instances that suggest otherwise.”

“A shared moment of beauty, a glimpse of humor, lightness, heroic pursuits, people living for one another — and I’m convinced all over again that there is more light than dark, more life than death, more hope than anger, more joy than sorrow, more gratitude among us than we sometimes remember,” she explained.

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