What Is Addison Rae Dad Drama About On Reddit? Did Monty Lopez Have A Relationship With 25-Year-Old?

Let find out ”What Is Addison Rae Dad Drama About On Reddit?” Tell us who Monty Lopez is before we get into the recent Renee Ash and Money Lopez love affair issue. Currently a TikTok sensation, Monty Lopez is well-known for being the father of Addison Rae, a well-known actor, singer, and influencer.

When Monty published a video with his daughter Addison Rae, he became a popular TikTok user. According to his LinkedIn page, Monty worked as a general manager for various real estate firms beginning in 2007 before pursing a career in the entertainment business. He has extensive managerial expertise managing real estate enterprises.

Monty acquired a contract as an actor with the entertainment company (WME) William Morris Endeavor as of January 2020.

Here is what is known about Monty Lopez’s father, Allison Rae, his relationship with Renee Ash, and his professional background.


What Is Addison Rae Dad Drama About On Reddit? Did Monty Lopez Have A Relationship With 25-Year-Old?Monty Lopez, a TikTok star


Reddit: Addison Rae’s Dad Monty Lopez Drama With Renee Ash

Monty Lopez is well known as Addison Rae’s father. Renee Ash, 25, spoke to Page Six in July 2022 and blew the beans on how Monty Lopez duped her. Monty lied to her about his marriage to Sheri Easterling and the fact that they are divorcing.


Monty Lopez at Vidcon 2022
Monty Lopez at Vidcon 2022( Source : Instagram )


According to the informant, Monty tricked Renee into believing their love was serious. He also persuaded Renee that they would be reunited when their divorce was finalized and have children together. The most astonishing element is that Monty even presented Renee to his mom and younger brother.

Nonetheless, Monty made up the story in order to be with her. Renee apologized to Monty’s family after discovering the truth about him, saying, “she was devastated like everyone else.”

The five-month love affairs drama between Ash and Monthy Lopez, both 46, has been the focus of the day on Reddit.


Alleged 5-Month Relationship Between Monty Lopez And 25-Year-Old Renee Ash Makes News

Due to a supposed love affair with Renee Ash, 25, Monty Lopez has recently been mentioned in tabloid media. After disclosing her covert affair with Monty, Renee ignited the internet. In July 2022, she finally let the cat out of the bag.


Monty Lopez with his family( Source : Instagram )


In addition, Monty is the father of three children: Addison Rae, Enzo, 14, and Lucas, 8. Easter Sterling, Monty’s wife, and they were married twice. Their first daughter Rae was born in 2000 after their initial marriage ended in divorce in 2004. They wed once more in 2017.

Addison Rae: who is she? She is an actress and influential person in America. Addison gained notoriety in 2021 as a result of her fascinating TikTok content. If you didn’t know, Forbes nominated Addison to its Under 30 list of social media influencers.

Currently, Addison has 87 million TikTok followers and is enrolled in music and acting classes.

Where Is Monty Lopez Currently, The Internet Star?

The internet has been rocked by Monty Lopez’s relationship with Renee Ash in July 2022. Monty, who was born and raised in Louisiana, relocated there to help Addison Rae with her profession.

Monty, an actor, joined WME in January 2020, nevertheless.

Regarding his academic credentials, Monty graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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