The Best Restorative Yoga Poses To Do On A Stressful Day

Let’s find out ‘The Best Restorative Yoga Poses To Do On A Stressful Day’ Maintaining a hectic schedule on a regular basis can become quite stressful very quickly. Your body and mind are working overtime as you balance meetings, tasks, deadlines, professional events, and keeping up with social plans.

It’s crucial to prioritize your physical and emotional health even on the busiest days when it seems like you have no additional time.


The Best Restorative Yoga Poses To Do On A Stressful Day
The Best Restorative Yoga Poses To Do On A Stressful Day


Making time to spread out your yoga mat, stretch it out, and let go of whatever tension you may be carrying is extremely important. We discussed the greatest restorative yoga postures to help you relax your mind when you’re feeling stressed with Thara Prashad, a certified yoga teacher and health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

(Plus, Prashad has plenty of experience with a busy schedule as a yoga studio owner and teacher, Karuna Reiki healer and health coach, and mother of two children.)

Take a deep breath, then continue reading to practice your namaste.


Child’s Pose

two women doing child's pose on yoga mats
two women doing child’s pose on yoga mats


If you practice yoga regularly, you are probably extremely familiar with the reviving and restorative pose known as child’s pose. Prashad says, “Allow the torso to melt down to the floor or even to a pillow beneath you with the knees spread wide.” It will “deliver fresh blood and oxygen to the brain” if you stretch through your hips and back. Prashad advises massaging the area between your eyebrows by lowering it to the ground for further tension reduction.


Legs Up The Wall

legs up the wall yoga pose
legs up the wall yoga pose


Prashad explains that after spending all day at a desk, this position is ideal. It’s a good chance to bring new blood and fluid back to your heart, she says, adding that you can get your legs above your head.

“Place a block beneath your low back to make it even more comfortable. You’ll feel as though your legs are suddenly weightless and hovering above your head. You may linger here for five to twenty minutes.” To get the most out of this stance, Prashad advises that you stream your preferred meditation music, close your eyelashes, and unwind totally.


Cat And Cow Pose

cat cow yoga pose
cat cow yoga pose


Prashad adds that not at all least, “You can return to the yoga poses of the cat and the cow repeatedly. It’s a fantastic way to stretch not only the hips, shoulders, and neck, but also the entire spine. The fluid flow to the spine will also be improved by this motion.” Stretching, walking, cycling, and other forms of exercise can all help the spinal fluid circulate.

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