Tiktok: What Is Reto Clonazepam?

Let’s find out ‘Tiktok: What Is Reto Clonazepam?’ A TikTok challenge called “Reto Clonazepam challenge” poisoned eight children in Mexican schools.

This medicine is used to treat seizures in both adults and children. Additionally, it is used to treat panic attacks, sleeplessness, and anxiety.

In the past 48 hours, the usage of anxiolytic medications has had an impact on five students from Mexico City and three from Nuevo León. Authorities in the capital issue a warning about the risks of adopting this trend.


Tiktok: What Is Reto Clonazepam?
Tiktok: What Is Reto Clonazepam?


The Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City’s Cybernetic Police Unit recently issued a warning on a TikTok challenge that pushes young people to imperil their lives and cause themselves harm.

The tendency has expanded across Mexico, according to authorities. Eight kids were treated by paramedics from Mexico City’s Rescue and Emergency Medical Squad (ERUM) at the Francisco I. Madero school in the San Rafael district.


Tiktok: What Is Reto Clonazepam?

Since early January, when they issued a warning about the risks of adhering to this kind of trend, officials in Mexico City have been concerned about the “clonazepam challenge,” which translates to “whoever sleeps last, wins.”


Reto Clonazepam tiktok
Video screenshots of three young people on Tik Tok talking about the viral Reto clonazepam tiktok challenge. (Source: elpais)

Because of this, minors’ lives are “imperiled”. In the previous 48 hours, eight Mexican students—five from the capital and three from Nuevo León—were poisoned in their separate classrooms with anxiolytics, prescription medications with sedative effects.

Three of them were admitted to the hospital as a precaution after five of them had probable poisoning diagnoses. Authorities claim that the youngsters are in good health. The medicine might result in excessive drowsiness, increased salivation, muscle or joint pain, and blurred vision in users.

How To Do Reto Clonazepam Challenge?

The Reto Clonazepam challenge is presented by the government as a struggle against the sedative qualities of anxiolytics.

Teenagers carry anti-anxiety medications to school, take them, and wait for the results. The individual who stays awake the longest wins the challenge, as the name would imply. The viral challenge has expanded to other Mexican states since the beginning of January. On September 9, seven Veracruz schoolchildren who had used this medication became inebriated.


Reto Clonazepam.
Clonazepam has some side effects in those who consume it without prescription. (Source: elfinanciero)

The territory’s governor, Cuitláhuac Garca, declared that the kids had 30 clonazepam pills and that the Executive will look into the matter and punish the offenders.


500 Incidents From The Challenge Involving Mexican Minors

The Cybernetic Police of Mexico City, which is in charge of monitoring and doing “patrols” over the Internet, was informed of the danger of executing this and other network-distributed challenges at the beginning of the month.

Due to this issue in 2022, the administration discovered about 500 occurrences involving Mexican kids.

Even though films tagged “clonazepam” had 82 million views, our newspaper has not yet come across TikToks that exhibit the traits mentioned by the Cyber Police despite numerous warnings from various authorities.

The SSC reports that three youngsters were sent to a hospital by ERUM staff for specialist medical care. Two minors, on the other hand, remained with family members who made the transfer decision on their own. Fortunately, no significant illnesses have been reported among the participants among the students.

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