What Happened To Ashley On Wplr- Is She Ill? Her Health Update

Let’s find out ‘What Happened To Ashley On Wplr- Is She Ill?’ Fans of Chaz & AJ have recently been drawn in by a rumor that has some worried about Ashley Gee’s health.

Ashely, the third voice of the well-known morning radio talk show program on 99.1 WPLR, is well-known to listeners of Chaz & AJ. The talk show includes portions with more serious subject, despite the fact that it features humor for the most part.

Interviews with writers and politicians are also included. The NAB Marconi Award for Medium Market Personality of the Year went to Chaz & AJ in the Morning in 2016. It is a very prestigious accolade in the radio industry.


What Happened To Ashley On Wplr- Is She Ill? Her Health Update
What Happened To Ashley On Wplr- Is She Ill? Her Health Update


Additionally, she received the New Haven Advocate award for best radio show each year for the previous ten years for the discussion she gave. On February 17, 2003, Milford-based rock radio station WPLR debuted the well-liked program.

Interviews with well-known personalities and residents of Connecticut are frequently conducted by Chaz & AJ. Congressmen from Connecticut, singers, sports leaders, local news anchors, and many others are among the interviewees on the radio program.


Quick Facts:

Full Name Ashley Gee
Famous as Third voice on Chaz & AJ
Age 30s
Marital Status Married
Spouse Erik
Children No
Twitter @ashley_wplr
Instagram @ashley_wplr


What Happened To Ashley On Wplr?

According to a current rumor spreading across the radio industry, Ashley Gee of WPLR may have had some sort of incident.

Following the revelation, Ashley’s safety is a concern for Chaz & AJ supporters. The traffic reporter appears to be doing fantastic, and the radio show has not made any public statements in response to the rumors.

Chaz, AJ, Ashley, and program producer Phil are mostly responsible for the radio show. On February 17, 20023, the chat show debuted following the conclusion of the prior program, Smith & Barber. Several regions of the United States have a sizable following for the comedic podcast.

Ashley, Chaz & AJ’s third voice, handles traffic while Phil, the show’s producer, oversees all tasks related to the show’s general production. When they are not working, Chaz and AJ don’t use their last names to protect their privacy.


Ashley Gee does traffic in the popular morning radio talk show Chaz & AJ in the Morning.
Ashley Gee does traffic in the popular morning radio talk show Chaz & AJ in the Morning. ( Source : instagram )


Megal Doll handled the traffic and news prior to Ashley. She was a frequent contributor to the talk program in the past and took part in several parts. In addition, John, the previous program producer, and Billy Winn, a regional comedian who was fired in March 2009, were once regular participants.

Previously, Chas worked as a night DJ at Connoisseur Media’s classic rock station WPLR. The program was recognized by Connecticut Magazine as one of the “Best Local Radio Morning-Drive DJs” in 2007.

The article stated, “The ability of the on-air staff to engage the audience is what will enable FM radio to outlast its satellite rivals. The fact that Chaz and AJ seem to be doing well is impressive.”


WPLR: Ashley Gee Health Info

Ashley Gee, a traffic reporter for Chaz & AJ, appears to be in good condition. Furthermore, no current reports address the radio talk show host’s state of health.

Ashley’s cheerful presence on the talk program is undoubtedly what makes her famous. Her engaging information and upbeat demeanor frequently excite her audience. She’s “as thrilled as a small kid,” according to several fans.


Comedian Luenell visits the Chaz & AJ in the Morning studio.
Comedian Luenell visits the Chaz & AJ in the Morning studio. ( Source : instagram )


While Chaz and AJ were away on vacation, the traffic reporter offered an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the studios. Ashley listened to the program before she started working there. Her lovely demeanor and outgoing personality make her an easy person to like.

She describes herself as a “Dog Mom” and is an ardent dog lover. Ashley’s personal Instagram account, which goes by the handle @ashley wplr, is filled with plenty of cute photographs of her dogs.

Ashley responded to a fast 14 questions by saying that her favorite holiday is Halloween. She gave the answers honesty, humor, and genuineness when asked to define the ideal male. She also detests those who trim their nails in unexpected places.


What Is Ashley Gee Net Worth In 2022

Ashley Gee is thought to have a net worth of about $1 million. She must have amassed considerable money as a result of her participation in the well-known radio talk program Chaz & AJ.

She is well-liked by her listeners for her casual demeanor and amusing material and performs traffic on the radio program. With 391 followers and 101 tweets, Ashley can be found on Twitter as @ashley wplr.

Usually, the entertainment is performed by ear. Even though it may not be planned when the program begins, a subject brought up by The Tribe, Chaz & AJ’s audience, may be debated for around an hour.


Chaz & AJ in the Morning family pictured together.
Chaz & AJ in the Morning family pictured together. ( Source : instagram )


There have been a lot of funny times when famous people have been on the show. In one instance, Joe Biden, who was the vice president at the time, called Chaz “Chad” while on the scene. Later, the podcaster graciously corrected him.

Another remarkable occasion came in 2016, when Donald Trump, who was running for president at the time, called into the program. He dialed a line that should have been monitored by the former Traffic Girl Pam, but she did not, and Chaz frequently utilized Trump’s voicemail for comedic effect.

Details About Ashley Gee’s Husband Erik

Erik Gee is the spouse of Ashley Gee. Her stunning honeymoon was just spent in Mahalo, Hawaii. She posted photos of herself and her husband, Erik, during their honeymoon on Instagram.

On August 6, 2022, she married the love of her life. Ashley exchanged vows at the most beautiful location. She was immensely grateful that her loved ones made the long trip to be there for them on their special day.


Ashley enjoying a day hike at Sleeping Giant Tower with her husband and dogs.
Ashley enjoying a day hike at Sleeping Giant Tower with her husband and dogs. ( Source : instagram )


Gee frequently shares stunning pictures of herself and her spouse on Instagram, where he has over 2.4k followers. On her bio, she identified herself as a wifey, dog mom, and lover of all things Disney.

Ashley uploaded a heartfelt video on her wedding day to Instagram on October 4, 2022. “I can’t believe the most amazing day of my life was nearly two months ago,” she said as the description for the photo. She also expressed her gratitude to her loved ones for helping her create these cherished memories.

In addition, the Zac Brown Band has always been a favorite band of Ashley and Eric’s. In July 2022, they traveled to Fenway Park to take in a band performance. We shall follow you around till the end of time,” she wrote in the caption of a photo she shared of herself from the concert with her spouse.


Some FAQs

Is Ashley Gee available on social media?

Ashley is active on Instagram under the nametag @ashley_wplr. She is pretty active on the platform with her amazing 258 posts and has garnered over 2.4k followers.

Is Ashley Gee married?

Gee married her soulmate, Erick, at the most exquisite venue on August 6, 2022. The love birds went on a magnificent Hawaii honeymoon.

Does Ashley Gee have children?

No, Ashley does not have any children as of now.

What Happened To Ashley On WPLR?

Ashely from WPLR recently got married. She is not sick and fit and fine as of now.
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