What Is Aaron Hernandez Religion: Is He A Christian? Know More About His Wife And Family

Learn more about ‘What Is Aaron Hernandez Religion: Is He A Christian?’ Former tight end for American football Aaron Hernandez has a rocky history. He spent three NFL seasons with the New England Patriots, when he and colleague Rob Gronkowski became one of the best tight-end combinations in the game.

By scoring five touchdowns apiece in successive seasons, the two broke a record. Sadly, his career was over when he was detained in 2013 for the murder of Odin Lloyd.


What Is Aaron Hernandez Religion: Is He A Christian? Know More About His Wife And Family
What Is Aaron Hernandez Religion: Is He A Christian? Know More About His Wife And Family


Since his father’s tragic death at the age of 16, Hernandez has been engaged in a number of violent episodes, including battery, illegal gun ownership, shooting, and murder.


What Is Aaron Hernandez Religion: Is He A Christian? Early Life Explored

On November 6, 1989, in Bristol, Connecticut, Aaron Hernandez was born. Dennis Hernandez and Terri Valentine-Hernandez were the parents of Aaron Josef Hernandez.

Regarding Aaron Hernandez’s religion, he practices Catholicism. It indicates that, indeed, he adheres to Christianity.


Aaron Hernandez's old photo with his Father and brother.
Aaron Hernandez Religion: Aaron Hernandez’s old photo with his Father and brother. (Source: Instagram)

Dennis Jr., his older brother, played professionally for the University of Connecticut before going on to teach quarterbacks at Brown University.

Aaron attended Bristol Central High School and was a member of the Bristol Rams football team. During his senior year, he was named Connecticut’s “Gatorade Football Player of the Year.”

Along with his brother, he first pledged to the University of Connecticut, but then transferred to the University of Florida to play under head coach Urban Meyer.

As a sophomore for the Florida Gators in 2007, Aron started three games. In eleven games, Arin took the place of an injured Cornelius Ingram, helping them win the BCS National Championship Game in 2009.

He was named to the first team All-Southeastern Conference, the first team All-American, and the John Mackey Award in his junior year, according to the Associated Press, College Football News, and The Sporting News.

Who Was Aaron Hernandez Partner?

Shayanna Jenkins and Aaron Hernandez were close friends since elementary school, and they even went to college together.


Aaron Hernandez's girlfriend and daughter.
Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend and daughter. (Source: Instagram)


Shayanna moved in with Aaron when he purchased a $1.3 million home in Massachusetts in 2011. Jenkins gave birth to Avielle Janelle Hernandez the following year, and the pair later got engaged.

Jenkins ultimately went back into Aaron’s home after learning that he was cheating on her.


Aaron Hernandez Legal Issue When He Was At His Teenage

Aaron Hernandez, then seventeen years old, got into a fight in a restaurant in Gainesville, Florida, after refusing to pay for the beers he had consumed.

He is accused of punching the teammate escorting him out during the altercation, rupturing his eardrum. A deferred prosecution agreement, however, allowed for an out-of-court resolution of the dispute.


Aaron Hernandez at court during his hearing.
Aaron Hernandez at court during his hearing. (Source: Instagram)


Hernandez was under investigation in 2012 for the double murder of two immigrants in Boston’s South End, Daniel Jorge Correia de Abreu and Safiro Teixeira Furtado.

Prior to his passing in 2017, he was cleared of most charges, including the murders, after being indicted largely on the evidence of a drug dealer.

Alexander S. Bradley lost his right eye following an altercation in 2013, and Hernandez was accused of shooting Bradley.

Hernandez was charged with witness intimidation for the Boston double homicides after the lawsuit was resolved in 2016.

Later on, he was found not guilty of these accusations in his 2017 trial. Odin Lloyd, Hernandez’s companion, was killed on June 17, 2013.

Hernandez’s residence was examined by police because of a number of questionable behaviors, including tampering with his home security system.

Before being removed from the Patriots club, he was told to avoid Gillette Stadium.


Aaron Hernandez Death Cause: Was It Suicide Or Murder? 

Aaron Hernandez was discovered dead in his cell on April 19, 2017, having been discovered hanging from his bed linens from a window.

Blood paintings were discovered on the cell walls, and three handwritten letters were found inside a Bible that was open at John 3:16. At Massachusetts Superior Court, Aron’s attorneys submitted a request to overturn his murder conviction, which was approved on May 9, 2017.

As a result, he was theoretically an innocent man when he passed away. The autopsy report determined that he committed himself, but his family asked Boston University to receive a copy of his brain for analysis.

This demonstrated that he suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a condition that is common in football players who sustain repeated concussions.

After his death and the deprivation of his daughter’s father’s company, his fiancée and daughter filed a lawsuit against the Patriots and the NFL.

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