What Is Dental Digest Real Name, Net Worth And Religion?

Let’s find out ‘What Is Dental Digest Real Name, Net Worth And Religion?’ An American YouTuber named Anthony Baroud, also known as Dental Digest, has a $5.8 million fortune.

He is a 25-year-old American YouTuber who specializes in making vlogs on evaluating oral hygiene products. He is also a dentistry student.

Dental was born on July 17, 1997, making him a Cancer according to the Zodiac. In February 2021, he created a TikTok video to the song “Late Night” by Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight.

In the United States, he was reared in a dependable Christian household in Chicago, Illinois. He is of American descent and follows Christianity. In the American state of Illinois, in Chicago, he completed his elementary schooling.

Then Anthony enrolled at a nearby American institution, where he finally graduated. Since he was a young boy, he has dedicated himself totally to sports and extracurricular activities. His early success on the internet fuelled his ongoing ambition to become a well-known star.

What Is Dental Digest Real Name, Net Worth And Religion?
What Is Dental Digest Real Name, Net Worth And Religion?


 Facts About Dental Digest

Full Name Anthony Baroud
Also Known As Dental Digest
Age 25
Date of Birth July 17, 1997
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, United |States
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Profession Social Media Personality


What Is The Real Name Of Dental Digest?

Anthony Baroud is the true name of Dental Digest. He is mostly recognized as a YouTuber, social media influencer, and TikTok celebrity.


What Is Dental Digest Real Name, Net Worth And Religion?
What Is Dental Digest Real Name, Net Worth And Religion?

He is a short-form content producer on TikTok who gained popularity by posting dental advice including flossing suggestions, teeth brushing techniques, and product demos. On dentaldigest, Anthony has more than 10 million fans. He demonstrated what an exposed table does to stained teeth in October 2020.

9.9 million people subscribe to him on YouTube. After registering on August 12, 2020, he posted his debut video, “7 Day Teeth Whitening Result!!,” on September 4, 2020.


Dental Digest’s Net Worth Is At $5.8 Million

As of 2022, Dental Digest’s net worth was about $5.8 million.


Dental Dentist Turned The Gold YouTube Play Button Into A Toothbrush
Dental Dentist Turned The Gold YouTube Play Button Into A Toothbrush ( Source : youtube )


Dental’s work as a YouTuber is his main source of money. The $5.8 million estimate is totally reliant on YouTube ad income.

Each month, more than 242.27 million individuals visit the Dental YouTube channel to view videos. Monetized YouTube channels show adverts for each thousand video views to make money. For every thousand views of a video on YouTube, users can earn $3 to $7.

According to the data, the Dental Digest YouTube channel generates an estimated $969,100 in monthly advertising income and $14,54,000,000 yearly. The estimate, though, could be too low. On the high end, Dental Digest might bring in up to $26.17 million yearly.

Additionally, YouTubers rarely depend solely on one source of revenue. Influencers can make money through affiliate commissions or sponsorships in addition to promoting their products.


Dental Digest Religion

Dental Digest also known as Anthony Baroud is a Christian.

Is Dental Digest A Real Dentist?

Dental Digest does really study dentistry. American YouTuber Dental is widely known for his in-depth product evaluations in his vlogs (mainly toothbrushes and toothpaste).


Dental Digest Reacting On Charcoal Toothpaste
Dental Digest Reacting On Charcoal Toothpaste ( Source : youtube )


He has a YouTube channel with more than 9.9 million followers and more than 4 billion cumulative views, and he resides in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. His YouTube account officially launched in August 2020. The World’s Many Toothbrushes, his most watched YouTube video, has amassed more than 198 million views.

He has a TikTok account with more than 10 million followers and 210.8 million likes. His feeds on TikTok and YouTube both include the same content. The Smile Direct Club BLUE LIGHT LED Teeth Whitening Kit TRUTH! It was the name of the first video from Dental Digest, which debuted on September 4, 2020.

The first YouTube Shorts video from Dental Digest, titled “Disclosing Time: World’s Spiciest Toothpaste: Samyang Spicy Chicken Ramen Toothpaste,” was uploaded on January 26, 2021. His short films typically feature product demonstrations, dental counseling, and guidance on cleaning teeth and flossing.

He’s used a wide variety of toothbrushes, including ones decorated with images from The Minions and The Among Us. Prior to being well-known, he demonstrated in October 2020 what an exposed tablet was doing to your teeth.


Dental Digest’s Career As A Dentist And YouTuber

As a dentist and a YouTuber, Dental Digest is succeeding admirably. In September 2020, the third-year student began his Dental Digest YouTube channel.


Dental Digest Giving His Review On The Best Whitening Toothpastes
Dental Digest Giving His Review On The Best Whitening Toothpastes ( Source : youtube )


He moved to other social media sites, such as Instagram and TikTok. It is clear that he likes himself as he evaluates a variety of toothpaste and toothbrushes in a quick, snappy movie format. He uses a technique that involves expanding a “fat glob,” cheek retractor devices, and plaque-disclosing tablets to demonstrate before and after outcomes.

At the same time, he coats the brush with toothpaste. He has collected 5 million members by September 2021, three months after amassing 1 billion views on YouTube. However, he didn’t mind the compliments and took pleasure in some of his early fame.

He melted down the substantial gold-colored metal plaque that YouTubers hold in high regard after earning the YouTube Golden PlayButton award in July to manufacture a toothbrush, which he subsequently reviewed. But there is a serious side to the comedy that attempts to educate the public about the need of dental care, especially the younger generation, which is his strongest supporter.

Dental Digest’s Girlfriend – Is He In A Relationship?

Dental Digest has not yet revealed whether or whether he is dating anybody.


Dental Digest's Video On
Dental Digest’s Video On “5 Min Crafts Toothpaste Myths Busted” ( Source : youtube )


He appears to be more concerned with his profession than with finding love. He is also rather well-known on Instagram, but he seldom shares content about his sweetheart. He has 64.5 thousand followers on Twitter under the account @dentaldigest, and he has 1,840 individuals following him in return.

Anthony’s account has already been given a blue tick for verification. His account has 86 total posts, the most recent of which was on September 19, 2022.

His first year of dentistry school was when he first began to generate branding concepts. He considered making a play on his name, A.B. Esthetic, but he rejected the idea. He claimed to have come up with over 50 concepts in all. He was shocked to discover that “Dental Digest” was neither a trademark nor a work of authorship.

Dental Digest Nationality: Where Is He From?

The United States’ Chicago, Illinois, is where Dental Digest was first published. He has American citizenship.


What Is Dental Digest Real Name, Net Worth And Religion?
What Is Dental Digest Real Name, Net Worth And Religion?

Through his tremendous effort and achievement, he has brought honor to his nation. On April 1, 2021, he attracted a million members, and on April 19, 2021, he attracted two million. He started posting more engaging stuff, and his subscriber base kept growing.

Additionally, according to reports, he was an avid golfer who was familiar with publications like Reader’s Digest, Architectural Digest, and Golf Digest. He made the case that it was sensible to use a distinctive brand name that contained the word “digest.” He swiftly filed a trademark application for the moniker and has more ambitious intentions for his “brand” than just a YouTube channel.

Anthony’s hometown is the most populous in the U.S. state of Illinois and the third most populous city in the country, after New York City and Los Angeles. According to the 2020 census, Chicago, which has 2,746,388 citizens, is one of the Midwest’s most populous cities.

Chicago, the county seat of Cook County, the second-most populated county in the US, is the center of the Chicago metropolitan region, one of the largest in the world.


Some FAQs

What Is Dental Digest’s Real Name?

Dental Digest’s real name is Anthony Baroud.

How Old Is Dental Digest?

Dental Digest is 25 years old as he was born on July 17, 1997.

Is Dental Digest Really A Dentist?

Yes, Dental Digest is really a Dental student.

What Is Dental Digest’s Birth Sign?

Dental Digest’s birth sign is Cancer.
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