What Is Paul McCartney's Favorite Song? The Beatles Song That, 'If Pushed', Paul McCartney Would Claim As His Favorite

Learn more about ‘What Is Paul McCartney’s Favorite Song?’ With The Beatles, Paul McCartney co-wrote and produced several classic tunes. For him, choosing a favorite song is like to choosing a favorite kid.

However, McCartney claimed that if he were “pushed” to name a favorite Beatles song, he would pick one and provide a few explanations for his decision.


What Is Paul McCartney's Favorite Song? The Beatles Song That, 'If Pushed', Paul McCartney Would Claim As His FavoritePaul McCartney and John Lennon | Rowland Scherman/Getty Images


What Is Paul McCartney’s Favorite Song? Paul McCartney Says ‘Here, There And Everywhere’ Is His Favorite Beatles Song

The album Revolver from 1966 contains the fifth song, “Here, There, and Everywhere.” Despite being ascribed to Lennon-McCartney, McCartney was principally responsible for writing the love song. The song is one of Paul McCartney’s favorites that he has written, and in an interview with Terry Gross of NPR, he remarked that if forced, he would choose it as his favorite Beatles song.

“You get questioned about it a lot. What song is your favorite? said McCartney. The phrase “when I’m under pressure, I’ll take that one out of the bag” is one of my faves.


McCartney Says The Song Has A Great Structure And Melody

McCartney cites the song’s structure and melody as two reasons why “Here, There, and Everywhere” is his favorite. Because it is separated into three sections and has a catchy melody, he thinks the structure is sound and makes the song one of his favorites.

“I think the way it’s structured. I enjoy it. It always reminds me structurally of the famous Fred Astaire song “Cheek to Cheek” by Cole Porter, McCartney said. “And it just ties itself up in such a wonderful way that I’ve always thought, “Wow. What a clever trick! That is what “Here, There, and Everywhere” does. the opening verse. That’s the second verse. Everywhere, the third verse brings me back to this place. That’s what drew me in. Then I realize that, while it may not have been enough to make it my favorite song, I do believe the melody is pleasant. Therefore, the combination of those factors has always made it a top favorite of mine.

McCartney Wrote ‘Here, There And Everywhere’ While John Lennon Was Sleeping

John Lennon has a reputation for sleeping a lot. In “I’m Only Sleeping” and “I’m So Tired,” he composed two Beatles songs about his love of sleep and unpleasant battle with sleeplessness. Paul McCartney said in Barry Miles’ book Many Years From Now that he started composing “Here, There and Everywhere” by John Lennon’s pool at his Weybridge home while Lennon was dozing. The song was completed by McCartney when he settled on a chord while tinkering with his guitar.

McCartney stated, “I sat outside by the pool on one of the sun loungers with my guitar and started playing in E. When he finally woke up, I believe I had already composed the most of the song. We then brought it inside to complete it.

Lennon and McCartney worked together on many Beatles songs, but occasionally Paul had to record his ideas as they came to him, even if Lennon was sound asleep.

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