Where Are John Stonehouse Kids And Wife Sheila Buckley? Family And Net Worth Before Death

People are searching for John Stonehouse’s three kids with his wife Sheila Buckley and one with a mistress. John Thomson Stonehouse (1925 – 1988) was a British politician and a member of the Labour and Co-operative Party.

He participated in Harold Wilson’s cabinet while serving as a minister. John is well known for his vain attempt to fake his own death in 1974.


Where Are John Stonehouse Kids And Wife Sheila Buckley? Family And Net Worth Before Death
Where Are John Stonehouse Kids And Wife Sheila Buckley? Family And Net Worth Before Death


It was discovered that John had worked for the military intelligence of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic more than 20 years after he had passed away.

Numerous mainstream media outlets have chronicled John’s life, notably Stonehouse on ITV, where Matthew Macfadyen portrays the former MP.


Where Are John Stonehouse Kids And Wife Sheila Buckley?

In 1948, John Stonehouse wed Barbara Joan Smith. Daughters Jane and Julia and son Mathew were the couple’s three children.

After three decades of marriage, the couple split in 1978 because things did not work out.


John Stonehouse kids and wife
John Stonehouse pictured with his first wife Barbara and children in the early 60’s when he was Wednesbury MP. (Source: Express & Star)

On January 31, 1981, John wed Sheila Elizabeth Buckley, his mistress, in Hampshire. In December 1982, he had a son with Sheila who was named James William John.

John is well known for his vain attempt to fake his death in 1974, which involved dumping a pile of garments in Miami Beach to simulate drowning or being eaten by a shark.

No body had been discovered, but it was presumed that he had passed away, thus obituaries were published. In actuality, he was traveling to Australia in order to begin a new life with Sheila Buckley, his mistress and secretary.

My Father: The True Story of the Runaway MP, a biography of John Stonehouse written by his daughter Julia Stonehouse, was released in 2021.

The book Cabinet Minister, Fraudster, Spy, written by criminal defense attorney Julian Hayes, who is descended from John’s great uncle through his father, Michael Hayes, was published almost simultaneously with Stonehouse.

On her website by the same name, Julia throws doubt on the veracity of publications and broadcasts concerning her father.


John Stonehouse Family Background Explored

On July 28, 1925, John Thomson Stonehouse was born in Southampton, England, in the United Kingdom.

William Mitchell Stonehouse and Rosina Marie (née Taylor) had two sons; John was the second son and youngest child.

William, his father, was an engineer for the Post Office and afterwards a dockyard engine fitter. He served as the labor union’s local secretary as well.

Rosina, his mother, had also worked as a scullery maid in the past. She also entered politics, rising to become Southampton’s sixth female mayor and a member of the Southampton City Council (1936 to 1970).


John Stonehouse family
 Keeley Hawes and Matthew Macfadyen as Barbara and John in ITV’s Stonehouse. (Source: The Telegraph)

After the war, John studied for a BSc(Econ) at the London School of Economics (LSE), where he also attended Taunton’s School (now Richard Taunton Sixth Form College).

He served as the chess club and the Labour society’s chairman while attending LSE. At age 16, John joined the Labour Party.


What Is John Stonehouse Net Worth Before Death

Online, John Stonehouse’s net worth is not mentioned. The data is inaccessible because he died more than 30 years ago.

John passed out on the set of Central Weekend on March 25, 1988, while recording a segment about missing people.

He received immediate medical attention from studio visitors, who also dialed an ambulance. John was admitted to the city’s general hospital for the night after being given the prognosis of a small heart attack.

On April 14, around three weeks later, John had a severe heart attack at his Totton, Hampshire, home.

This time, the former MP was helpless, and at 2:30 in the morning, he passed away in the hospital.

On April 22, 1988, John was cremated and buried in Bassett Green, Southampton. Bruce Douglas-Mann, a different ex-MP, also paid respects.

In 1989, his fourth book was released posthumously. John’s will, which was published on August 17, 1988, left less than £70,000.

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