Who Is Andrew Leeds' Current Partner? Age Gap And Children Info

Let’s find out ‘Who Is Andrew Leeds’ Current Partner?’ The actor Andrew Leeds is dating Lindsey Kraft, who he has not yet wed. American writer, model, and actress named Kraft. Actor Andrew is from Florida and is well-known for playing Josh in the movie Cristela.

Along with Steve Carell and Domhnall Gleeson, 41-year-old Andrew is a co-star in the FX television series The Patient, which is available on Hulu. New York Vulture reports that in the most recent episode of The Patient, Andrew will move with hurt eyes and a heavy burden of regret. In the movie The Patient, the actor portrayed Ezra Strauss.

Sam, a patient of Dr. Strauss, kidnapped him and imprisoned him. Prior to The Patient, the actor played Dr. Richards in the TV series Love, Victor. In addition, he received an Emmy nomination for his performance in Barry as Leo Caousineau.

Since 1995, Cristela actor has been employed in the entertainment business. He also performs with the main company of the sketch comedy/improv theater, The Groundings. Teddy & Alice, a Broadway musical, is where he did his first paid job.


Who Is Andrew Leeds' Current Partner? Age Gap And Children Info
Who Is Andrew Leeds’ Current Partner? Age Gap And Children Info


Some Facts Of Andrew

Full name Andrew Harrison Leeds
Date of Birth September 24, 1981
Parents Kathy Lynn and Robert Gary Leeds.
Education Computer Science at Stanford University
Occupation Actor, Comedian, Writer


Who Is Andrew Leeds’ Current Partner?

Since they have not yet tied the knot, Lindsey Kraft is not yet Andrew Leeds’ wife. He does, however, live peacefully with his beautiful girlfriend and their small family.

It’s unfortunate that the couple has kept quiet about how and where they first met. As an American actress, model, and writer, Lindsey has made a name for herself. Marguerite Macaw on Getting On, Allision on Grace and Frankie, and Leslie Curry on Living Biblically are three of her best-known works.

Kraft, an actress in her 42nd year, was born on January 23, 1980. Actress from New York completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland.

She made her film debut in Nail Polish as a sorority girl (2006). Since 2003, the woman has worked as a model and actress. Additionally, the stunning actress has had memorable acting roles in movies like Epic Movie (2018), Nostalgia (2018), and A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2018). (2007).


Andrew shared a picture of Lindsey on September 19, 2019.
Andrew shared a picture of Lindsey on September 19, 2019. ( Source : instagram )


In addition to playing Gadney in See You in September and Gadney in The Accidental Husband, Kraft played Rogue in Epic Movie (2007), Luren in The Accidental Husband (2008), Steph in Nonames (2010), Greta in The Babymakers (2012), and Jackie in Newly Single (2017). (2010).

In 2003 and 2011, she made her television debut from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. In Them, The Shrink Next Door, and Fantasy Island, he plays Midge Pruitt, which is his most recent television work ( Allison Homes). For Preety in TBA, she most recently served as an executive producer and writer.

Additionally, the woman posted updates about her daily work on her verified Instagram account @linzkraft, which has 20.8k followers and 758 posts. In her most recent post, the woman posted a video of herself playing the piano.

She can be found on Twitter using the handle @linzkraft. In March 2010, the actress registered for Twitter.


Age Gap Between Andrew Leeds And Lindsey Kraft

There is a year between Andrew Leeds and Lindsey Kraft’s ages. Leeds has a year on Lindsey in age.

Andrew was born on September 24, 1981, according to IMDb. The actor, who was born in Florida, made his acting debut at age 8. Since a young age, Leeds has worked in the film industry. He has a lot of experience acting and is skilled at it. Leeds has performed as Gavroche in Les Miserables and Teddy & Alice on Broadway during his acting career.

The actor attended Stanford University to earn a degree in computer science in his late 20s. Later, he split his time between New York and Los Angeles to pursue his careers as an actor and writer.

The date of Kraft’s birth is January 23, 1980. For the first time, her parents welcomed her to Manhasset, New York, in the United States. She entered the entertainment industry as a model at the age of 23. The actress changed her career after that and became an actress and writer.

The woman appears to be around 35 in her Instagram photos even though she is in her early 40s. The self-assured woman grew up in Long Island, New York. Actually, the actress is getting older like a fine wine. Lindsey looks even more stunning as she ages.


Andrew Leeds And Lindsey Kraft’s Children

John Leeds And it appears that Lindsey Kraft is childless. The news, however, is not entirely clear.

Leeds shared a picture of a small camp on his Instagram page, @andreleeds, on January 13, 2021. He referred to the young child as his infant.


Andrew posted a photo with the kid on January 12, 2021.
Andrew posted a photo with the kid on January 12, 2021. ( Source : instagram )


The image, however, appears to be from his set. He also mentioned the film’s co-stars and director. His fans are perplexed by this image. However, the image appears adorable and genuine.

He also enjoys posting photos of himself with children. On Instagram, his followers can see him with other kids. Unfortunately, the couple has kept all of the details of their marriage and children private.

Similar to Lindsey, she hasn’t posted any images of children on Instagram. They will probably give birth soon.

Details About Andrew Leeds’s Parents Name

There are no words to express Andrew Leeds’ love for his parents. His parents are Robert Gary Leeds and Kathy Lynn Leeds.

The actor uploaded an old photo of his mother to his Instagram account on January 18, 2021. He talked about how his mother had a youthful charm and energy. On her birthday, the actor posted the picture. Her mother is one of Leeds’ favorite people in the world.


Andrew's mother when she was kid
Andrew’s mother when she was kid ( Source : instagram )


She is a happy, loving person who is upbeat. They share a unique friendship bond with one another. By sharing a photo of his mother with his uncle on May 9, the actor revealed her name as Kathy.

The actor grew up with Joanna Leeds, his younger sister. His family is of American descent.

What Is Andrew Leeds’s Net Worth In 2022?

Being a well-known Hollywood actor, Andrew must have a net worth of at least $3 million. The American actor has an annual salary of over $50,000.

He has written for several comedic programs, including Brenda Forever and Rex is Not Your Lawyer. Andrew has also contributed writing to The Barry TV series, Those People Used.

His net worth has increased slightly as a result of his creative writing abilities. He has appeared in numerous television programs as an actor, including Modern Family, Hot in Cleveland, The Morning Show, and Desperate Housewives. With just a $45 million budget, his movie project, Christmas Party, brought in $114.5 million at the box office.


Andrew is a part of The Patient, a Hulu TV Series.
Andrew is a part of The Patient, a Hulu TV Series. ( Source : instagram )


In 1995, Major Pyne’s Private Dotson served as his directorial debut. Later, he continued acting, portraying characters such as Tim in Office Christmas Party and Marcus in Irene In Time, Chris in Subject: I Love You, Paul in Entourage, and Marcus in Irene In Time (all of 2009). (2016). He has also appeared in a number of television shows, including Nancy Drew (2002), Nip/Tuck (2003), Dirt (2008), The Mentalist (2010), The Closer (2011), and Cult (2013).

The actor’s roles as of 2022 included Dr. Richards in Love, Victor, Roland in The Dropout, and Nick in The Corners (2022). He played Ezra in The Patient 2022’s main cast.


Some FAQs

Who Is Andrew Leeds Wife?

Andrew Leeds doesn’t have a wife as of now. However, he is dating his girlfriend Lindsey Kraft. The couple has been dating since 2012. They have shared the pictures of each other on their Instagram account.

What is Andrew Leeds and his girlfriend Lindsey Kraft Age Gap?

There is a a year of age gap between Andrew and Lindsey Kraft. Lindsey is a year older than Andrew.

Does Andrew Leeds have any children?

No, Andrew Leeds doesn’t have a child as of 2022. The couple has not shared anything about their relationship and family details on their social media.
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