Let’s find out “Who Is Jeremy Fragrance On The YouTube Channel?” German social media sensation Jeremy rose to fame thanks to his own YouTube channel. He goes by the name Jeremy Fragrance since he evaluates the scents of many different perfumes.

With 1.81 million subscribers to his primary YouTube channel and 494K Instagram followers, he is the biggest influencer in the world of fragrance. @jeremyfragrance is the username of his Instagram account. He has published a total of 321 times on his Instagram account.


Jeremy Fragrance Real Name

Daniel Sredzinski is the real name of Jeremy Fragrance.

Fragrance attracted notice on social media after his perfume review video became a worldwide hit.

He enjoys a lot of popularity for his sense of style. Along with reviewing perfumes, he also offers his audience and followers romance advise.

He was a well-known personality in German fashion and a passionate model. He had to become in shape for numerous concerts and occasions despite his lack of fame.


Who Is Jeremy Fragrance On The YouTube Channel
Jeremy Fragrance gained attention from his perfume review video. ( Source : Pinterest )


The identities of Fragrance’s parents are kept a mystery. His mother appeared on his social media pages when he unveiled his new scent, but he never identified her.

Fragrance’s mother is genuinely pleased about the next project. He has a sibling named Kamil who is older.

How Much Does Jeremy Fragrance Make A year? Net Worth Explored

Jeremy Fragrance’s net worth is believed to be $2 million by idol net worth.

He earns enough money annually to maintain a good standard of living. As a model, he earns between $22,000 and $201,000. As a well-known YouTuber, his main sources of money are views, blogging, and brand promotion.

But in 2014, he turned his YouTube channel into a big aspect of his line of work. He believed that his sense of smell was different from other people’s and that he appreciated the fragrance of plants and flowers.


Jeremy Fragrancevery first YouTube video was titled
Jeremy Fragrancevery first YouTube video was titled “Gaultier le Male vs. Paco Rabanne 1 Million.” ( Source : A2oshop )


He changed into a critic and a perfume as a result of thinking on anything else. He published his first YouTube video, “Gaultier le Male vs. Paco Rabanne 1 Million,” in that capacity.

Since it was different and went viral, Jeremy received over 444,865 views. After the initial video’s success, he began to smell more pricey fragrances, such as Versace, Dolce, and Gabbana.

He also began making videos regarding fashion-related subjects like dresses, suits, pricey to cheap accessories, and hairstyles. His subscriber base began to rapidly grow at that point.

How Old Is Jeremy Fragrance Age?

Jeremy Fragrance is 33 years old right now. He was born in Berlin, Germany, on February 5, 1989.

The superstar is 75 kg and 6 feet 1 inches tall. He is of German ancestry, however it is unclear what race he belongs to.

Blue eyes and auburn hair describe Fragrance. He was born under the sign of Aquarius. Since he was young, he has had a lovely and alluring appearance.

He possesses a master’s degree in international business and marketing, though he hasn’t yet revealed the name of the institution where he received it.

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