Let know who Nikolas Cruz’s Parents are, Lynda Cruz and Roger Cruz, passed away many years ago. He lost his father at six and his mother in 2017. He has two siblings, who are expected to testify in court on his behalf. 

On February 14, 2018, Nikolas Cruz, a 19-year-old with criminal aspirations, started shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Cruz in particular attended the institution in the past.

Nikolas entered Building 12 while toting a file case and a rucksack. He also possessed many magazines and a semi-automatic weapon similar to the Ar-15. He entered a hallway and began firing at teachers and pupils.

He shot through the windows of four closed classroom doors and murdered six pupils in addition to the three students he killed in the hallway. Additionally, he injured five others and killed two classmates in Ivy Schamis’ Holocaust History class. He also killed five kids on the third level, including a staff member, and two staff members close to a stairwell.

Who Is Nikolas Cruz’s Parents? Details About Lynda Cruz And Roger Cruz

Nikolas Cruz was born to his partners Lynda Cruz and Roger Cruz on September 24, 1998, in Margate, Florida, United States. However, his mother’s father, Roger, died on August 11, 2004, after two years of marriage. Lynda and Roger married in 2002 and had two children, Nikolas and Zachary Cruz.

At this time, the authority has not made his parents’ information available to the general public. Although the exact cause of his father’s passing is still unknown, many believe he suffered a heart attack.

However, on November 1, 2017, Lynda, his mother, also passed away at West Boca Medical Center in Florida, the United States. Her birthdate is September 25, 1949.

Brother And Sister Of The Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz To Testify On His Behalf

Zachary, Nikolas Cruz’s half-brother, and Danielle Woodard, his sister, make up his family. His sister and brother will probably be in court this week to support him, in the meantime. Additionally, in light of Nikolas’ difficult upbringing, the defense attorney has pleaded for the court to show him some sympathy.


 Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz sister Danielle Woodard is on a carjacking charge in Miami
Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz sister Danielle Woodard is on a carjacking charge in Miami( Source : Miamiherald )


At the time of writing, his half-sister Danielle Woodard is 35 years old, whereas his brother Zachary Cruz is 22. In particular, his sister is incarcerated while she awaits trial for allegedly kidnapping a 72-year-old woman in a car in Broward County in 2020.

Danielle has an extensive criminal record and has spent most of her life in jail. According to reports, the court will move witnesses from the jail. For trespassing at the shooting scene following the mass shooting incident, the court also imposed a six-month probationary period.

How Old Is Nikolas Cruz Age?

Nikolas Cruz has reached the age of 23 at the current date as he was born in 1998. He completed his secondary education at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school. His mother reportedly abused drugs and alcohol while she was pregnant with him.

Further, his friend reportedly sexually abused him when he was a teen. His lawyer claims he has acute mental health problems due to his painful childhood and teenage years. He killed fourteen students and three staffers at the age of nineteen.

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