Who Is Supatra Sasuphan Married To? Details About Her Kids, Family And Net Worth
Let’s find out ‘Who Is Supatra Sasuphan Married To?’ Thailand-born Supatra Sasuphan, commonly known by the moniker Natty, gained notoriety after she won the Guinness World Records in 2010.

The Thai woman was born with Ambras syndrome, a random congenital skin condition that results in profuse body hair growth, with the exception of the mucous membranes, palms, and soles of the feet.


Who Is Supatra Sasuphan Married To? Details About Her Kids, Family And Net Worth
Who Is Supatra Sasuphan Married To? Details About Her Kids, Family And Net Worth


Sasuphan is one of just 50 individuals with the chromosomally-based Ambras Syndrome who have been identified since the Middle Ages.

Before medical professionals recognized the illness, patients were called “werewolves.” Her distinct expressions, which are covered in furry hair, have earned her the nickname “The Wolf Child,” which is well known.


Who Is Supatra Sasuphan Married To? Husband Explored

Supatra Sasuphan and her husband have been together for more than three years. At age 17, she married in 2017.

The spouse of Supatra Sasuphan is a hottie, and the two get along great. Her husband’s name is unfortunately unknown.

Although Supatra doesn’t have an Instagram account, she is active there. Her husband was revealed to be her first lover in one of her Facebook posts.


Supatra Sasuphan Husband
Supatra Sasuphan has been married for more than three years now. She got hitched in 2017 at 17. (Source: CNTG)

On her Facebook page, she has been displaying her freshly hair-free face. The 17-year-old from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has the incredibly uncommon Ambras Syndrome, often known as Werewolf Syndrome.

Supatra Sasuphan has shared several Facebook updates with her boyfriend. Supatra Sasuphan, the adolescent with the most hair in the world, has chosen to keep her face clean-shaven and has met the love of her life. She married at the age of 17.


Does Supatra Sasuphan Have Any Children?

Supatra Sasuphan was born in Bangkok, Thailand, on August 5, 1999, and will be 23 in 2022.

Her mother Somphon is a stay-at-home mom, while her father Sammrueng makes jewelry. Sukanya is the name of Supatra’s sister.


Supatra Sasuphan Husband
Supattra with her sister 15-year-old Sukanya, left, her Father Sammrueng and mother Somphon

Sammrueng stated it was not very healthy because her nostrils were barely one millimeter wide, according to Dailymail.

She was maintained in an incubator for the first three months of her life to aid with her breathing, and for the next ten months.

Additionally, when she was two years old, doctors tried to remove the hair using laser therapy, but despite several sessions, the hair continued coming back as thickly as before.

Her parents first felt anxious since they were unfamiliar with the Ambras syndrome.

The facility’s medical staff was similarly astounded by Supatra’s dense hair growth on her delicate skin.

By the age of 11, Natty had gained notoriety after being named the hairiest girl in the entire globe. Supatra has however progressively came to be accepted by her group and has developed into a well-liked and gregarious youngster.

According to CNTG, current research has led medical professionals to believe that this excessive hair growth is caused by a spontaneous mutation in the DNA sequence.


What Is Supatra Sasuphan Net Worth 2022?

Supatra Sasuphan’s income by 2022 should be in the range of 60,000 to 100,000 THB. However, the media makes her income source public.

various media claims To use as a platform for giving back to society, Supatra is adamant about landing a job in the civil service.

According to Global Data, the median household income in Thailand is $23,076 (PPP).

According to salary experts, the average gross pay for jewelry designers in Thailand is $495,417, which works out to $238 per hour. Additionally, they receive an average bonus of 8,422 dollars.

Additionally, the average income for a junior jewelry designer is 609,063, while the average compensation for an experienced jewelry designer is 366,453.

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