Laurie Fortier Husband: Is She Married To Deran Sarafian? Details About Her Children, Family And Net Worth

Let’s find out ‘Laurie Fortier Husband: Is She Married To Deran Sarafian?’ In addition to her work on the television series Push, Running the Halls, and Hemlock Grove, the American actress Laurie Fortier is well-known for her performances in the films To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday and The In Crowd.

Hugh Laurie, James Gandolfini, James Caan, Dennis Hopper, Martin Landau, Danny Aiello, and Michelle Pfeiffer are just a few of the giants with whom Laurie has collaborated throughout the course of her more than 20 years of professional employment.


Laurie Fortier Husband: Is She Married To Deran Sarafian? Details About Her Children, Family And Net Worth
Laurie Fortier Husband: Is She Married To Deran Sarafian? Details About Her Children, Family And Net Worth


As real-life Police officer Donna Kading in the USA Network television series Unsolved, which is based on the killings of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, Laurie acted alongside Josh Duhamel.

She was excited to work on the movie with Emmy-winning director Anthony Hemmingway.


Laurie Fortier Husband: Is She Married To Deran Sarafian?

Deran Sarafian is Laurie Fortier’s husband. An American actor and director who works in both film and television is Deran Sarafian.

Gunmen, Terminal Velocity, and Death warrants were under his control. Two Primetime Emmy nominations have been made for him.


1200px Deran Sarafian by Gage Skidmore
Laurie Fortier’s husband, Deran Sarafian. (Source: Wiki)

Sarafian is the nephew of producer, director, and screenwriter Robert Altman and the son of director Richard C. Sarafian.

Ani, Tedi, Richard, Jr., Damon B., and Ani Sarafian are some of his siblings. With his ex-wife, the actress Laurie Fortier, he had two children.

In 1983, Sarafian said that he had been “ghost directing,” or taking over a movie’s direction when the actual director was unable to finish production, for the previous five years. One of these was the Young movie Warriors (1983).

In the action film Death Warrant, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sarafian made his mainstream breakthrough after helming a number of genre films in Spain and Italy. He has primarily directed thrillers and action movies throughout his career.


Details About Laurie Fortier Children And Family

Deran Sarafian and Laurie Fortier are parents of two children together. They appear to have a nice family life.

California’s Pasadena is where Fortier was raised and was born. She has Italian ancestry. On January 1, 1992, she was chosen to take part in the 103rd Tournament of Roses Parade as a Rose Princess.

Mother, yogi, and athlete all characterize Laurie.

She is thrilled that over the course of her career, she has been cast in a variety of primetime roles, such as mothers, male (yes, male) con artists, maniacs, the girl next door, formidable lawyers, cops, victims, perps, athletes, and terrible villains.

Laurie Fortier has the talent for real variety, writing “evil monsters” as well as “kindhearted heroines.”


What Is Laurie Fortier Net Worth In 2022?

Laurie Fortier has a net worth of almost $17 million, according to the website idol net worth.

Fortier made her television debut in 1993 as Holiday Friedman, one of the major characters in the N.B.C. adolescent comedy series Running the Halls.

She portrayed the gymnast and Olympic hopeful Cara Bradford as one of the main protagonists in the A.B.C. Drama/Soap Opera Push from 1998.

In the 1996 movie To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday, Fortier played Cindy, Claire Danes’ flirty best friend. She played Annie in the 2000 comedy Dean Quixote.

In the same year, Fortier also made an appearance as Kelly, the love interest of Brittany, the lead character played by Susan Ward in the thriller The In Crowd.

The New York Times’ Elvis Mitchell gave Fortier’s performance a favorable review.

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