Jana Hocking's Boyfriend And Dating Life With Stu Laundy
Stu Laundy says he’s still single after being spotted with podcaster Jana Hocking. ( Source : instagram )


Let find out all about Jana Hocking’s boyfriend and dating life with Stu Laundy. Pub playboy Stu Laundy, formerly Jana Hocking’s boyfriend and dating expert, was caught cuddling up with another young woman in April.

The Bachelorette star and eyebrow queen Kristin Fisher were spotted having lunch together in April, sparking tabloid headlines.

The Daily Telegraph claimed they were attempting to settle in at the Sydney hotel Surry Hills, but a source close to the pair claimed otherwise. A work meeting was held to discuss potential future partnerships.

Despite their unusual friendship, fund manager Jeremy Bond and disgraced market thief Alan Bond are pals and frequent the same social circles.

It is true that Kristin’s love life has previously made PageSix’s front page due to links to former cricketer Michael Clarke. At a New Year’s Eve party that Dina Broadhurst and Max Shepherd hosted, a bystander witnessed them making out.

Pip Edwards, the creator of P.E. Nation and his ex-girlfriend, was upset that her ex of six months had already moved on.

Even though she and Dina had always gotten along, the fact that Dina helped plan the entire occasion did not help.

Quick Info:

Name Stu Laundy
Age 47 years old
Occupation CEO of the Laundy Hotel Group
Ex wife Rachel Laundy
Children 4


How Long Have Stu Laundy And Jana Hocking Been Dating?

Podcaster Jana Hocking made a quick appearance on Stu Laundy’s list of misadventures, which took place around 2021. Before splitting up, they dated for a few months.

According to reports, they first connected when they had a brief relationship in 2018, but things did not work out. She referred to their meeting as a sweet divorce in her most recent column.

The rich pub owner, meanwhile, tried his luck on The Bachelorette 2017 and won Sophie Monk’s heart, but they broke up a year later.

After launching the Kinda Sorta Dating series podcast, which featured celebrity guests, she successfully boosted her career.


Jana Hocking spoke about men she avoids on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble to Daily Star
Jana Hocking spoke about men she avoids on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble to Daily Star ( Source : dailystar )


They were still on good terms after their breakup because they were sighted together in 2021 and were discreet about their relationship. She was stunning in a one-shoulder red dress and nude pointy-toe heels in a paparazzi photo of her with her lover’s arms around her. She appeared delighted the entire night, taking selfies with Jess, her Triple M, in the neighborhood, which was a hotspot for celebrities. co-host Moonman of Sydney.

However, Stu found it difficult to discuss their recent union as he minimized the news in an interview. He chose to take things slowly because he was just divorced and worried that his affairs might affect her job.

Sadly, their paradise did not last long as he had a new lady around his arms, and they seemed rather blissful in each other’s company.

Before Meeting Jana Hocking, Did Stu Laundy Date?

Australian businessman Stu Laundy, 47, participated in the bachelorette because, before dating Jana Hocking, he dated Sophie Monk.

Many people speculated that producers placed Stu into the mansion on purpose at her request. The couple graced the scene in 2017 as audiences felt they knew each other before the show aired.

On the Romantically Challenged podcast, they ultimately come clean, with him admitting that the showrunner had bribed him into appearing on the program.

He had been unmarried for three years, but he had no intention of becoming a reality TV star, and Sophie had captured his heart at first sight. He wooed her and they sped off to the sunset, and it was the perfect decision.

The Australian sweetheart’s Instagram announcement of their breakup was just as shocking to him as when he initially learned about it. When their time together came to an end, he left her to decide on their future but couldn’t help but feel sad.

He was discouraged when he had to learn about their relationship through social media despite knowing he couldn’t force their love any farther.

She still has a great deal of respect for him even after they broke up because there were no obligations or demands placed on them. They have made the decision to remain friendly and remember their six months just as enjoyable experiences.

In addition, she is not too disappointed that her happy ending was not realized as she assumes the job of Love Island presenter for the show that aired in the second half of 2018.

Who Is The New Girlfriend Of Stu Laundy?

According to newspapers, Stu Laundy, a former reality star, has been dating Kristin Fisher.

However, nothing between the two has been proven because he wanted to show respect for his four children. Before they divorced after 15 years of marriage, the children were a result of his marriage to Rachel.

He has over $500 million in his bank account, and since he is the heir to a pub empire, there are plenty of women courting him. The company expanded steadily after it got its start during World War II and was passed down through his grandfather’s generations. He doesn’t like to show off his million dollars though because he leads a modest life.


Stu Laundy in an aquarium date with Sophie Monk in 2017
Stu Laundy in an aquarium date with Sophie Monk in 2017 ( Source : instagram )


He has roughly 36 thousand followers on his Instagram account, stulaundy44, where you can find him. The page is more modest than his efforts because he still doesn’t have his blue tick. In making the comparison, he displays his heartthrob teenage years.

Although he still remains in touch with his ex-girlfriend Sophia, who played a significant role in his life, his children come first.

He has recently been sharing about the things he loves, like as t-shirt brands and cricket teams, but he won’t accept payment for sponsored posts.


What is Stu Laundy’s net worth?

  • CEO of the Laundy Hotel Group, Stu Laundy, is heir to a rumored $500 million fortune.

Who was Stu Laundy’s wife?

  • Stu Laundy’s wife was Rachel Laundy.

What is Stu Laundy’s age?

  • The heir to a $500 million pub empire, Stu Laundy, is 47 years old.

Who is Stu Laundy’s family?

  • The Laundy family business gets valued at $500 million and has been run by patriarch Arthur Laundy, 78, for decades.
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