Who Is Henry Robert Witherspoon? Kevin Hart Father

Let find out who Is Henry Robert Witherspoon? Kevin Hart father. Kevin Hart, a well-known American stand-up comedian and actor, is the son of Henry Robert Witherspoon.

Kevin’s career took off when Judd Apatow contacted him in 2001 about a part in the television series Undeclared.

Henry, his father, failed to be a good role model for him and was frequently absent. The majority of Kevin’s childhood was spent with his mother and his missing father. Kevin’s father has been granted a second chance to make amends despite his lack of involvement in his life.

His father is facing a number of accusations. One of the biggest reasons he wasn’t there for Kevin when he was young was that he was constantly being arrested and thrown in a holding cell or prison due to his drug addiction.

However, the comedian uses his father as an illustration of what a bad parent shouldn’t do. He claimed that if his childhood had been different, he might have been overly successful and might have made poor decisions. In a manner, his father molded him to succeed while restraining himself from giving in to his desires and never losing sight of the greater person he could be.

Find out Kevin Hart’s father now.


Henry Robert Witherspoon is the father of renowned stand-up comedian Kevin Hart. ( Source : instagram )


 How Old Is Henry Robert Witherspoon? Age

Kevin Hart’s father is Henry Robert Witherspoon. His birthdate is not given with any specificity.

Henry was alleged to have been born in 1948. Although his birthdate cannot be verified and information on many websites varies, they all appear to be from the same year. He was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he was born.

He is of African American descent and is a Christian. Apparently in his mid-seventies, he. Henry is doing his best to change his life and kick his drug addiction despite the long list of crimes against him.

Family And Children Of Henry Robert Witherspoon

Darnell Witherspoon and Rebecca Ababio gave birth to Henry Robert Witherspoon.

Witherspoon grew up in a wonderful house with caring parents. He didn’t have many difficulties because he had a happy childhood. He enrolled in a private school and pursued further education by going to college. Although his academic history is not described in full, it is known that he had a strong academic background.

Together with his wife, Nancy Hart, he has two sons. 
Nancy worked at the University of Pennsylvania as computer analyst. 
His relationship with Nancy was negatively impacted by Henry’s drug and alcohol abuse, which made their marriage rocky. 
In 2007, his wife Nancy perished from cancer. 
But because of his prior drug issues, he was ignorant of his wife’s illness. 
It is tragic that he only learned of Nancy’s serious condition few days before she passed away.

His previous reputation does not present a favorable picture of him. He was continually accused of felonies, acts of violence, and drug abuse. Before his children were born, he already had these issues. It has come to light that he and two others robbed an adolescent under duress ten years before Kevin was born.


Henry Robert Witherspoon with his sons Kevin and Robert Hart and his grandchild
Henry Robert Witherspoon with his sons Kevin and Robert Hart and his grandchild ( Source : biographymask )


Henry’s work contains evidence of an adulterous relationship
He never returned home to Kevin and his brother Robert Hart after leaving his family for his girlfriend. 
Kevin recalls his father’s presence as more unsettling than enjoyable when he was little.

But Henry afterwards began to live a sober life. After his sons sent him to recovery, he hasn’t snorted any narcotics. He is making an effort to reconcile his strained bond with his remaining family. Kevin has also given his father a second chance in a similar way. In order to make up for the moments his father missed when he was a child, he wants his father to be there in his children’s lives.

Kevin associates respect with his father, and he believes that everyone should be given a chance to rectify their mistakes and learn from them.

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