Dan Rapoport's Wfe, Alena, And 2022 Estimated Networth
Dan Rapoport with his Alena Rapoport. ( Source : instagram )

Let find out details on Dan Rapoport’s wife, Alena, and 2022 estimated net worth. Alena Rapoport, the wife of anti-Putin American financier Dan Rapoport, has become a popular online persona after Dan’s enigmatic death at age 52. What information do we have regarding his marriage?

According to reports, Rapoport, one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most vocal detractors, committed suicide. But the public and the authorities are both left with many questions in the wake of his unexpected death.

On August 14th, just before 6 o’clock in the evening, the Washington DC Police discovered his body outside 2400 M Apartments. The Police also discovered his broken cellphone, $2,620 in cash, a keyring with a lanyard, and a white headphone that was cracked.

The inquiry is still underway, and thus far, no evidence of murder or suspicious activity has been discovered by the authorities. May God grant peace to his departed spirit.


Who Is Alena, The Wife of Dan Rapoport?

Alena has been identified as the wife of Dan Rapoport, an American investor, who sadly passed away at 52.


Dan Rapoport's wife, Alena Rapoport, and their beautiful daughter.
Dan Rapoport’s wife, Alena Rapoport, and their beautiful daughter.( Source : Facebook )


Alena has refuted all of the police and media reports that claim the 52-year-old committed suicide. She claimed that her husband couldn’t commit suicide.

Mrs. Rapoport added that for the previous three days, the 52-year-old had not left her a message or called. She claimed that if something had happened to her husband, she would have known.

Dan traveled to the United States after the conflict in Ukraine began, while his wife and daughter were evacuated to Denmark. 
After the unexpected death of her boyfriend, Alena might travel to the US.

Alena, The Wife Of Dan Rapoport, Is A Doctor.

Alena Rapoport, Dan Rapoport’s wife, specializes in infectious diseases. She is a native of Ukraine’s Kyiv.


Dan Rapoport's wife Alena is a physician.
Dan Rapoport’s wife Alena is a physician.( Source : Facebook )


At Bogomolets National Medical University, where she currently serves as an assistant professor, Mrs. Rapoport received her medical degree. She is also a Ph.D. candidate at the same college.

Alena was a doctor at National Specialized Children’s Hospital in the past. Like him, she graduated from Washington University. Probably while attending Washington University, she met her late spouse.

Dan Rapoport Was The Loving Father Of A Lovely Daughter.

The father of a stunning daughter was Dan Rapoport (name still unidentified). A girl was born to him and Alena six years ago.


Dan Rapoport's beautiful daughter.
Dan Rapoport’s beautiful daughter.( Source : Facebook )


The child of 52-year-old Rapoport currently resides in Denmark with her mother. After the conflict between Russia and Ukraine erupted, they were compelled to leave the country.

The loss of the father and husband has crushed the family. In a matter of seconds, their entire world was turned upside down, and they are still in shock at what transpired. His family is in our prayers and in our thoughts.

How Much Is Dan Rapoport’s Net Worth In 2022

At the time of his passing, Dan Rapport’s net worth was assessed to be $3 million.



The 52-year-career old’s as an investor and financial executive was quite successful. He was a financial analyst for White Nights Joint Enterprises, the first Russian-American joint venture for the extraction of oil.

Dan was a well-known figure in the Russian finance and investment world. He conducted numerous cross-border deals on behalf of Russian businesses and different international institutional investors while holding prominent roles with multiple Russian financial institutions.

Dan Rapoport: What Happened?

On August 14, 2022, Dan Rapoport was discovered dead in front of the 2400 M Apartments in Washington, DC.


Dan Rapoport, an anti-Putin Latvian-American investor died at 54.
Dan Rapoport, an anti-Putin Latvian-American investor died at 54.( Source : Facebook )


Dan moved to the United States in 1980 with his family after being born in Lativa. He afterwards went back to Russia after working for Phibro Energy. He frequently criticized Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia.

He had recently been talking to his pals about how a Russian investment company had taken advantage of him. His enigmatic death has now been connected to this occurrence.

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