James Whale Illness And Health Update: How Long Is Left For Him To Live?

Learn more about ‘James Whale Illness And Health Update: How Long Is Left For Him To Live?’ James Whale is a well-known English author, podcast host, radio host, and TV presenter.

James currently conducts a nightly radio show on TalkTV and talkRADIO in addition to his podcast, The James Whale Show.


James Whale Illness And Health Update: How Long Is Left For Him To Live?
James Whale Illness And Health Update: How Long Is Left For Him To Live?


As the host of Radio Aire’s The James Whale Radio Show in the 1980s, he first gained notoriety.

Along with hosting a nightly radio show on talkSPORT, James has also worked as a radio host on LBC 97.3 and various BBC radio stations.


James Whale Illness And Health Update: How Long Is Left For Him To Live?

In a recent update on his health, the 71-year-old said he “may not be here in a few months.”

James commented, “I’d just like to let everyone know that I am still alive and continuing going. Even though he was aware of his health issues, he insisted that “nobody needs to be writing my obituary just yet!”

“Over 25 years ago, I received my initial diagnosis. It will undoubtedly hit me sooner rather than later, I’ll admit,” James said.

People frequently inquire about his prognosis, which he finds difficult to provide because “British are not particularly adept at talking about death” and as everyone, regrettably, can pass away at any time.

James Whale cancer
James Whale shared a candid update as he undergoes “trial” treatment for kidney cancer. (Source: Express)


James says he “may or may not be here in a few months’ time,” but he is unsure of how much longer he has.

He thinks moving on and living is the best course of action. All of the well-wishers were also thanked by him.

Twenty years prior to his second diagnosis, in 2000, James was initially diagnosed with kidney cancer and given a three-month prognosis, according to the Daily Mail.

James Whale Announced His Terminal Cancer 

In February 2000, James Whale received a kidney cancer diagnosis. He discovered blood in his urine, which was brought on by a sizable tumor on his left kidney, and soon began to have symptoms.

The radio host had surgery that only gave him a 50% chance of surviving. After that, he chose against receiving chemotherapy.

James established the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer in 2006 to promote research and awareness of the condition. The charity changed its name to Kidney Cancer UK in 2016.

In August 2020, he provided a further update and said that his cancer has progressed to his spine, lungs, and brain.

Additionally, James is open about having dyslexia. He supports the National Literacy Association as well.


James Whale Family Background Explored

In “an ordinary middle-class household” in Ewell, Surrey, England, Michael James Whale was born. He is the son of David, an English man, and Anne (née Price), a Welsh woman.

David worked for the family business S&R Whale in Brixton, London, which produced aprons, gowns, and overalls at a factory. Anne was a professional ballet dancer.

Later, Anne and David were proprietors of The Green Man in Ewell. Keith is the younger brother of James.

The well-known media figure did not enjoy his time at school. His eleven-plus test was a failure.

James later attended Linton’s Lane Secondary Modern School in Epsom and Longmead County Secondary Boys School. He picked up archery and won the Surrey junior championship from the age of 14 to 16.

When he was younger, he aspired to be an actor, but his mother told him to “get a legitimate career.” He worked a variety of odd jobs, such as serving as a rep, a DJ, and a trainee buyer for Harrods.

James and Melinda Maxted have two boys, James and Peter, after their marriage in 1970.


James Whale wife family
James Whale’s late wife of 48 years, Melinda, is no more. (Source: Daily Mail)


Melinda was found to have stage 4 lung cancer, and she passed away in May 2018.

Three years later, he tweeted about his engagement to an unnamed woman, and in October of that year, he wed Nadine Talbot-Brown in Tenterden.

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