Lana Faith Johnson Husband: What Is Her Net Worth 2022? Details About Her Family And Arrest

Learn more about ‘Lana Faith Johnson Husband: What Is Her Net Worth 2022?’ After being detained in a theft case, Lana Faith Johnson seemed to be in big danger.

The model-turned-entrepreneur Maggie Wilson spoke up about financial problems involving a member of her ex-husband Victor Consunji’s “trusted” crew.

The alleged worker, a publicist by the name of Lana Faith Johnson, allegedly stole money from Victor while attempting to discredit her.


Lana Faith Johnson Husband: What Is Her Net Worth 2022?
Lana Faith Johnson Husband: What Is Her Net Worth 2022? Details About Her Family And Arrest


According to, on November 11, 2022, police detained Lana, who was the public relations manager for Victor Consunji Development Corp.

Details About Lana Faith Johnson Husband And Family

The husband and family information for Lana Faith Johnson is not yet online. However, information about her boss Victor and his family is getting out there quickly.

The founder and CEO of the building and real estate firm Victor Consunji Development Corp. is Victor Consunji (VCDC).

Maggie Wilson, his wife, is a model, businesswoman, and former hostess of a beauty pageant. She also owns the interior design and furniture business Acasa Manila.

Maggie and Victor, however, are going through a contentious divorce and legal battle. After 11 years of marriage, Maggie made their divorce public on September 27, 2021.


Maggie Wilson husband
Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji broke off their marriage after 11 years together.\

Maggie first claimed that she had no animosity toward Victor following their divorce, but she later made references to their marital problems and differences on how to raise their ten-year-old son Conor.

Additionally, it was revealed in July 2022 that Victor had accused Maggie of having an extramarital affair with British-Thai technology entrepreneur Tim Connor. Tim is Maggie’s business partner and close friend, she has said, refuting the allegations.

Isidro Consunji, the business tycoon in charge of the privately held construction and real estate firm DMCI Holdings Inc., is the father of Victor.

A message regarding the incident was also left by Maggie’s sister, Beth Wilson, who stated, “A LIE is just a temporary delay to the INEVITABLE.”

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What Is Lana Faith Johnson Net Worth 2022?

Entrepreneur and corporate employee Lana Faith Johnson. She also runs PR Johnson and Associates, a marketing company. Her exact net worth is not known, though.

One of the nation’s most in-demand publicists, according to People Asia, Lana has worked with some of the biggest brands in the nation, including VConsunji Inc., Bobbi Brown, AirAsia BIG, Steph Zubiri-Crespi, and Denise Laurel, to name a few.


Lana faith johnson
Lana Faith Johnson during an event. (Source: Instagram)

The 38-year-old was also highlighted in a Tatler Philippines piece last February for her “evening skincare ritual.”

When you have the right intentions, discipline, and support, you can make a difference in any industry, Lana said in an interview with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle.

Ironically, she was recently apprehended with P82,500 in entrapment cash after providing the complainant with a forged receipt for payment from her employer Company.


What Did Lana Faith Johnson Do?

According to Bilyonaryo, Bernabe Mendoza, a client who is now complaining, received bogus Company receipts as part of a “entrapment operation” that Lana Faith Johnson got caught in.

Victor’s estranged wife, Maggie, revealed on November 13, 2022, that she was aware of her husband’s “trusted” female associate’s theft from him. Despite the fact that she omitted names, we could assume that she was referring to Lana, the publicist.


Lana faith arrested
Lana Faith Johnson is arrested for her wrong deeds.

Maggie said that the publicist used her defamation to “divert” Victor’s attention since she could not comprehend why he choose to put his faith in someone else above his wife.

Unexpectedly, another one shows its true colors. She stated in a mysterious Instagram post, “I’ve been warning you about her for years.

She continued by saying that the incident serves as a warning not to believe those who act sincere but are really con artists.

Maggie added, “I’m hoping you’ll wake up now before it’s too late because she’s not the only one who has you wrapped around their fingers,” as a further warning.

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