What Is The Net Worth Of Andie MacDowell?

Let find out ‘What Is The Net Worth Of Andie MacDowell?’ The icon of the 1980s and 1990s is Andie MacDowell. She rose to fame as a model and performer, becoming one of the most famous faces of the time.

The 64-year-old still makes a statement whenever she appears on film nowadays, most notably in The Maid on Netflix. After so much success, a lot of people have inquired about MacDowell’s net worth, and we have an in-depth response.


Over The Years, Andie MacDowell Has Starred In A Number Of Outstanding Films And TV Series

What Is The Net Worth Of Andie MacDowell?
What Is The Net Worth Of Andie MacDowell?

Early on in her modeling career, MacDowell switched to acting for Vogue. The native of South Carolina’s debut film was Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes, in which she played Jane. As good as a job like that is right away, it’s bittersweet since Glenn Close completely dubbed over her voice. Evidently, the filmmaker didn’t like her Southern accent because it was too thick.

Following her appearance as Dale in the coming-of-age movie St. Elmo’s Fire from 1985, MacDowell’s fame skyrocketed after she was cast as the lead in the highly acclaimed Sex, Lies, and Videotape. Her status as an icon was solidified by her portrayal, along with James Spader’s. She received two prizes and four additional nominations as a result.

From then, MacDowell embarked on parts in films and television series like Cedar Cove and Cuckoo, as well as movies and shows like Ready or Not, Groundhog Day, and Green Card. She consistently gave outstanding performances, even in less well-liked roles.

Andie MacDowell’s Net Worth Is Commensurate With Her Level Of Achievement

MacDowell’s estimated net worth is $20 million, based on Celebrity Net Worth. Even while her acting profession accounts for a large portion of this, her previous modeling experience also had a role. Her work with Calvin Klein and L’Oréal in particular earned her lucrative speaking engagements for the companies as their spokesman.

MacDowell has also made a number of wise real estate choices that have significantly raised her net worth. She has residences in Los Feliz and Marina Del Rey, both in California, as of 2013. But before that, she had jointly owned a ranch in Montana and a house in Asheville, North Carolina, with her ex-husband Paul Qualley.

In contrast to its initial $790,000 price tag, MacDowell made almost $2 million in profit when selling the first house for $3 million. She and Qualley sold the ranch following their divorce, earning $7.775 million instead of the $3.5 million they had originally asked for.

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MacDowell Is Not The Family’s Only Notable Success

However, MacDowell is not the only gifted member of the family. Before being divorced, she and her ex-husband had three kids; two of them went on to have successful careers in show business. Although Rainey “Rainsford” Qualley is an actor, her most well-known role is that of herself in Ocean’s 8, she is more well-known as a musician. But Margaret Qualley is certain to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become just as famous.

In instance, the acclaimed Netflix miniseries Maid recently had a mother and daughter acting together. It follows Margaret’s character Alex as she flees an abusive partner in order to improve her and her daughter’s lives by working as a maid. The story is based on author Stephanie Land’s book. Paula, Alex’s severely mentally ill mother, is portrayed by Andie in the role opposite Margaret.

The MacDowell-Qualley ladies have generated the greatest discussion among viewers, despite the fact that the entire series has been praised. Their on-screen interactions are among the most riveting and emotional in the entire production, undoubtedly drawing on their real-life connection. Of course, they both received nominations for prizes.

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