Who Is American Lawyer Andrea Campbell Partner, Matthew? Details About Her Married Life And Family

Learn more about ‘Who Is American Lawyer Andrea Campbell Partner, Matthew?’ American attorney Andrea Campbell was chosen to serve as Massachusetts’ attorney general.

She served as District 4’s representative on the Boston City Council when she was a member of the body. Andrea was initially chosen for the council in November 2015 and belongs to the Democratic Party.

She also spent two years serving as the council’s president. On November 8, 2022, she ran in the general election for Attorney General of Massachusetts and won.


Who Is American Lawyer Andrea Campbell Partner, Matthew? Details About Her Married Life And Family
Who Is American Lawyer Andrea Campbell Partner, Matthew? Details About Her Married Life And Family


Who Is American Lawyer Andrea Campbell Partner, Matthew?

Matthew Campbell is the spouse of Andrea Campbell.

He works in project management and contract administration at Dagle Electrical Construction, Corp., according to his Linkedin profile. He has been employed with Dagle Electrical Construction, Corp since 2006 and has a long history of employment.

From 1993 to 1997, Matthew attended the University of Vermont and received his degree.


Andrea Campbell's Husband Matthew distributing pamphlets of Andrea for her election campaign.
Andrea Campbell’s Husband Matthew distributing pamphlets of Andrea for her election campaign. ( Source : twitter )

Matthew, her husband, has stayed out of the public eye and hasn’t said anything about him. He appears to be a devoted spouse and doting parent. He has helped his wife, Andrea, out.

Matthew was seen as being supportive of his wife, Andrea, throughout her candidacy. He was also spotted rejoicing after his wife’s election as Massachusetts’ Attorney General. Her husband, Matthew Scheier, stood beside her as she said that her achievement is for those who have felt invisible.


Details About Andrea Campbell’s Married Life 

Before getting married, Andrea and Matthew were in a dating relationship.

They appear to have been wed for some time. She hasn’t disclosed their official wedding date, but they appear to have been dating for a while.

They appear content in their marriage and make time for one another whenever they can.

The same can be said about Andrea and Matthew, who are parents to their own kids. In February 2022, Campbell said that she will run for Massachusetts attorney general in the 2022 election.

When Attorney General Maura Healey declared that she will not seek reelection as Attorney General but instead run for Governor of Massachusetts, she made her announcement for the election.

Andrea received Maura Healey’s support. She secured the Democratic candidacy in the general election and was chosen to hold the position of attorney general.


Details About Andrea Campbell’s Family Background

The members of Andrea Campbell’s family were her parents and her siblings.

Sadly, she lost her parents when she was a little child. She therefore views her aunt and uncle as her parents because they took care of her when she was growing up.


 Andrea Campbell with her twin brother Andrea who passed away when she was 29 years old.
Andrea Campbell with her twin brother Andrea who passed away when she was 29 years old. ( Source : paw )


Andre and Alvin, her two brothers, share her. Alvin is her older brother and Andre was her twin. Andre got scleroderma when she was 29. While being held by the state and awaiting trial, he passed away.

The passing of Andrea’s twin brother Andre had a significant impact on her. She was the closest friend to her twin brother, who was like her other half, and they were extremely close.

She describes her twin brother as being funny and smart, often cracking jokes. Andre was also incredibly sympathetic and understanding. Campbell characterized her brother as kind, saying that despite being in trouble and going in and out of prison, he would always make time to phone ailing family members.

Before his death, Andre was being held as a pretrial prisoner. He had an autoimmune disorder, which can damage the skin, blood vessels, muscles, and other organs. Over the course of two years, his health worsened despite improvements. Campbell was unable to post bail since it required a large financial payment.

Andre couldn’t receive the proper care since he was in and out of the hospital environment. He dropped a tremendous amount of weight and experienced ailments like ulcers on his feet. He was frequently in discomfort from his deteriorating health, and he even had a heart attack.

Officials from the jail phoned her, and she went to his chamber, prayed with him while holding his hand. She remarked that Andre still wasn’t in his moment. But he went away a year later. Andrea discovered a document that her twin brother had filled out requesting medical attention as she searched through his personal belongings.

She saw on the form that Andre was in trouble and needed assistance right away, but he was given the form back and told to fill out other paperwork in its place.

She revealed that even before he was found guilty, her brother was abused in prison.

Details About Andrea Campbell’s Children

Andrea Campbell is a mother of two sons. Alexander and Aiden are her two sons. She resides in Boston’s Mattapan area with her husband and boys.


Andrea Campbell's son Alexander and Aiden.
Andrea Campbell’s son Alexander and Aiden. ( Source : twitter )


As she accentuated the hues of her sons’ skin, she had been worried about them. She said that because of their skin tone, some individuals would view her children as menacing, putting them in more danger. Because other people appreciate the lives of people of color, she wanted her child to have more possibilities than she did.

She grew raised in Roxbury and was exposed to the prejudice that the minority community encountered. In a vehicle accident while en route to see Campbell’s father in jail, she lost her mother. When her mother died, she was eight months old.

Even though numerous friends and family members attended the trial as character witnesses, Andrea’s father was sentenced to eight years in prison for firearms-related offenses. Even though they requested mercy, the court turned them down. The father of Andrea was smart and was admitted to the esteemed Princeton University.

If his father had attended Princeton, he would have been among the school’s first Colored undergraduates; but, he did not. When Campbell was 19, her father passed away from a disease, and her aunt and uncle took care of her.

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