Who Is Carla Diaz Boyfriend? Details About Parents And Siblings

Let’s  find out ‘Who Is Carla Diaz Boyfriend?’ Carla Diaz, a stunning actress, has been dating her beau for a long period. Carla is well-known all over the world and was born and raised by her parents in Brazil.

Brazilian singer-actress Carla Diaz is well-known worldwide. She has a sizable following globally and received considerable recognition for her work.

Carla took on one of her most difficult parts in Sete Pecados in 2007, when Gina played the orphan who was harassed at school for having HIV and suffered beatings and humiliation.

After securing a contract with Rede Record in February 2009, she debuted in the third installment of the Os Mutantes trilogy, Promessas de Amor, playing co-protagonist Juno.

She played the mysterious Márcia when she joined the Rebelde cast in 2011. In the political drama Plano Alto from 2014, she plays the role of Lucrécia, a bloc journalist. Her final role for RecordTV was Princess Melina in A Terra Prometida.


Carla began her career in 1992 with only two years old, doing television commercials. ( Source : Instagram )


Quick Facts

Full name Carla Carolina Moreira Diaz
Profession Actress, singer
Age 31 years old
Place of birth São Paulo, Brazil


Who Is Carla Diaz Boyfriend?

According to Carla Diaz’s Instagram account, she is now dating Felipe Becari.

Felipe and Carla are open about their relationship with the world as seen by the wonderful photos of them having fun together that they have posted on social media. The two enjoy spending time together in their spare time.


Carla and her boyfriend Felipe Becari are dating for a long time now.
Carla and her boyfriend Felipe Becari are dating for a long time now. ( Source : instagram )


He is a politician by trade, and on Instagram and other social media platforms, he frequently posts images from his political campaigns. Felipe and Carla are supportive of one other’s professional endeavors.

Felipe was selected by the PSD to run for the councilor position in the Municipality of So Paulo in the 2020 election, according to his initials. Due to the legend, he received a promotion to the position in 2022.

He always makes time for his fiancée, even though he is quite busy with his political efforts. They can be spotted attending concerts and other events.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the timeframe of their relationship. They don’t appear to be married or even engaged, but they may move their relationship further.

Parents And Siblings Of Carla Diaz

Mara Diaz and Carlos Diaz welcomed Carla into the world in So Paulo, Brazil.

Given that there is no online information regarding her siblings, she appears to be the only kid in her family. Additionally, she has not uploaded any photos to her social media accounts of her siblings or other family members.


Carla shared this throwback picture of her father and grandfather on her Instagram.
Carla shared this throwback picture of her father and grandfather on her Instagram. ( Source : instagram )


Her father is a professor and a Ph.D. holder, however there is little information known about her mother. Most likely, her mother is a stay-at-home mom who looks after her family.

Her father holds the positions of Department Chair for the Department of Social Sciences at the Catholic University of Uruguay, Associate Professor of Economics and Research Associate at CERES.

Carlos is a Ph.D. in Economics from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. Crime, social networks, homes, and urban economics are some of his areas of interest.

Carla always had the support of her family, and at the age of two, she began her acting career by appearing in over 80 television commercials. In 1994, she made her soap opera debut as Eliana, Éramos Seis.

How Rich Is Carla Diaz? Net Worth As An Actress Explored

Carla Diaz is thought to have a net worth of around $1 million. She must have amassed a substantial fortune from her acting career.

The actress’s net worth has increased due to her affiliations with several firms and endorsement deals outside of her work in movies. She has been able to increase both her fame and her fortune thanks to her career.


In January 2021, it was announced she is a contestant in the reality show Big Brother Brasil 21.
In January 2021, it was announced she is a contestant in the reality show Big Brother Brasil 21. ( Source : instagram )


After the first season of the television version of the book Chiquititas Brasil, Diaz became well-known for her portrayal of Little Maria in 1997. Her tenure spanned four seasons before her departure in 1999.

Carla presented the Best of the Year Award for 2004 at the Austregésilo de Athayde, Academia Brasileira de Letras. In the years that followed, he was highlighted in The Stio do Picapau Amarelo.

In June 2011, Carla designed a sexy rehearsal for the VIP men’s magazine. 2016 saw her make her singing debut by taking part in Bernardo Falcone’s song “Voa.”

In the 21-hour book A Força do Querer, she returned to Rede Globo in August 2017 and moved in with Carine. Her participation on Big Brother Brasil 21 in January 2021 was made public.


Some FAQs

Does Carla Diaz Have A Boyfriend?

Carla Diaz is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Felipe Becari. He is a politician and is currently busy with his political campaigns.

Where Is Carla Diaz From?

Carla Diaz is originally from São Paulo, Brazil. In 2000 she moved to Rede Globo, where she joined the soap opera Laços de Família.

Who Are Carla Diaz Parents?

Carla Diaz was born to her parents, Mara Diaz, and Carlos Diaz on November 28, 1990.
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