Who Is Katy Tur, Tony Dokoupil's First Wife? Here's A Look At Their Relationship

Let find out ”Who Is Katy Tur, Tony Dokoupil’s First Wife?” American broadcaster Tony Dokoupil is married to Katy Tur, and the two share two daughters, Teddy and Eloise.

Additionally, he and his first wife have two children together, little is known about her.

The American broadcast journalist leads the ideal existence, enjoying both a fruitful professional career and a contented family. In 2015, Tony had no idea he would run into his future wife in the makeup area.

While employed by MSNBC, the television anchor got to know Tur, his future wife. The two quickly realized they got along well and had chemistry. They finally began dating, and Tony got down on one knee and proposed after almost two years. The couple got engaged and married in 2017.

Who Is Katy Tur, Tony Dokoupil's First Wife? Here's A Look At Their RelationshipTony Dokoupil and Katy Tur (pictured here in April 2019) when they were expecting their second child together. ( Source : Pagesix )


Name Tony Dokoupil
Age 41
Born December 24, 1980
Birthplace Connecticut, U.S.
Occupation Journalist and television presenter
Employer CBS
Known for CBS Mornings
Spouse Katy Tur ​(m. 2017)​
Children 4


Who Is Tony Dokoupil First Wife, Katy Tur?

The first wife of CBS News journalist Tony Dokoupil, who now resides in Tal Aviv, was his wife. With his first wife, he had two kids.

The journalist for an American program is married to Katy Tur twice. On October 27, 2017, the pair was hitched in Utah. He has kept his first wife’s identity a secret from the public while showcasing his current wife, Katy, and themselves as “couple goals” on Instagram.

As he demonstrated on CBS Mornings while discussing Katy’s new memoir, Rough Draft, he is a very devoted husband to her.

The MSNBC presenter described how her father used to abuse the family while she was growing up. Katy told her husband how lonely the experience had been for her.


Who Is Katy Tur, Tony Dokoupil's First Wife? Here's A Look At Their Relationship
Tony Dokoupil with his wife Katy Tur promoting her book. ( Source : instagram )


I always felt a little bit like a fraud, that I didn’t belong, the woman admitted.

She acknowledged her reluctance to tell Tony her experience, saying, “I didn’t know how to broach it with you.

After having surgery, Katy’s father changed her name from Bob to Zoey and told CBS News: “I could absolutely be terrifying.”

“I also want to say that I’m sorry if the youngsters thought I was scary. I gave it my all.” She acknowledged that she is still trying to mend fences with her father.


Katy Tur And Tony Dokoupil Celebrates Valentines Day

Tony Dokoupil, a star of CBS Mornings, posted previously unseen images to Instagram to remember a special day in their relationship (Hellomagazine).

On Valentine’s Day, Tony shared a number of images with Katy that admirers labeled “couple goals.” The busy father of two made time in his schedule to show his wife, to whom he has been married since 2017, that he is grateful.

“Here’s to winning the other major game in life,” he said alongside pictures of the couple holding hands and another with one of their kids.


Tony joking about not stepping on Katy's dress.
Tony joking about not stepping on Katy’s dress. ( Source : instagram )


Tony Dokoupil Would Like To Host A Show With His Wife

Tony Dokoupil stated that he hasn’t completed one work in his illustrious career during a special chat with HELLO. Before retirement, he would prefer to work with his wife.

We wish him well and ask God to grant his request.

The CBS star has been really busy lately. She recently started hosting a brand-new, well-received half-hour weekly series called The Uplift.

Tony Dokoupil Has Four Children In Total

Teddy, who is three years old, and Eloise, who is one year old, are the happy children of Tony Dokoupil and Katy Tur. He and his ex-wife live in Tel Aviv with their two elder children, who are 12 and 10 years old.

He sees his elder children over the summer break.

After spending the academic year in Tel Aviv, they spend eight to ten weeks of the summer vacation with Tony.


Tony Dokoupil perfect little family with his kids and wife.
Tony Dokoupil perfect little family with his kids and wife. ( Source : instagram )


The finest aspect of being a father, according to Tony, is having double and triple vision. On the one hand, “it gives you the opportunity to go into your past, see your parents in a new perspective, and understand what they went through.”


Tony Dokoupil's wife and children
Tony Dokoupil’s wife and children ( Source : instagram )


Tony Dokoupil Net Worth In 2022

American author Tony Dokoupil has a $6 million estimated net worth.

He is best known for his role as a co-anchor of CBS Mornings. He worked as a news correspondent for MSNBC and CBS News.

Tony attended Columbia University to study media studies.

From 2007 through 2013, Dokoupil served as a senior writer for Newsweek magazine and The Daily Beast. He joined NBC News as a senior writer in September 2013.


Tony Dokoupil on the set of CBS Mornings with Vladimir Duthiers
Tony Dokoupil on the set of CBS Mornings with Vladimir Duthiers ( Source : instagram )


He released his memoir The Last Pirate on April 1st, 2014. Later, he worked for MSNBC as a reporter.

After leaving NBC News and MSNBC, Dokoupil joined CBS News as a correspondent based in New York in August 2016.

On May 6, 2019, he was chosen as CBS This Morning’s new co-anchor, and he debuted on May 20. The show was given the new name CBS in September 2021.

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