Let’s find out “Who Tom Hoge Wife Kelly Hoge?” As the wife of American professional golfer Tommy Hoge, Kelly Hoge is well-known. Everything you need to know about the player’s spouse is provided below.

One of the most successful golfers in recent memory is 33-year-old Tom. His shocking PGA Tour miss recently went viral and garnered pity from people all over the world.

The American golfer is presently ranked 37th in the world with three professional victories, including one PGA Tour championship. In the past two or three years, his career has experienced a major uptick.

The 33-year-old American golfer’s best friend outside of golf has been Mrs. Hoge, since he has traveled with her on practically every tour and competition.


Tom Hoge’s Wife Kelly Hoge- Who Is She?

Tommy Hoge, an American professional golfer, is married to Kelly Hoge.


Who Tom Hoge Wife Kelly Hoge? - Info About Career Earnings & Net Worth 2022
Tom Hoge celebrates his first PGA Tour title with his wife, Kelly Hoge. ( Source : Cbsnews )


The couple wed in 2017, but they haven’t specified exactly when they started dating. The couple just uploaded photos of their fourth anniversary celebration.

Mrs. Kelly is a native of Minnesota, according to multiple Wiki sites. But once she started dating Tom, she went to Texas, where they now live.

When it comes to her private life, Mrs. Hoge has remained very private. Although she goes by the Instagram handle @kelly_hoge, she has made her account private so that only selected individuals can access it.

What Is Tom Hoge’s Career Earnings As Of 2022?

Tom Hoge’s career earnings as of 2022 are estimated by numerous websites to be around $11 million.



The 33-year-old American golfer’s compensation has included an average of $1.3 million. He has also won other competitions and received significant cash prizes.

According to sources, his pay and earnings will rise in line with his success. We might observe a large increase in his pay scale if he maintains his dominant form.

How Much Is Tom Hoge’s Net Worth?

In 2022, Tom Hoge’s net worth was estimated to be $11 million.

Golf is one of the most lucrative sports in the world, therefore golfers profit enormously from the competitions they take part in. Tiger Woods, the first sports figure to earn a billion dollars, is also associated with the golf industry.

The 32-year-old is able to make money via sponsorships and advertisement partnerships in addition to his normal pay. Visit his Instagram profile to learn more about his way of life.


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