How old is Levi Heaton the sister of Charlie Heaton a working actress
     Levi Heaton in the shooting of The Red Dancer. ( Source : instagram )


The Netflix science fiction horror series Stranger Things made Charles Ross Heaton, an English actor, famous for his portrayal of Jonathan Byers.

After becoming famous with the debut of Stranger Things, Levi Heaton is best known as Charlie’s sister. Levi has been working in the industry since 2009, nevertheless.

After her brother gained notoriety, the limelight has been on the Limehouse Golem star.

The actress plays drums beautifully. She’s interested in dance as well. She performs hip-hop, jazz, and modern dance.

After the success of Stranger Things, her brother Charlie Heaton has been featured extensively in the media. 
His sister’s professional success was overshadowed by the series, which gave him all the attention.
The actress is quite proud of her well-known brother and is not hesitant to discuss his media successes. 
The friendship between the two is just great.

Quick Facts:


Name Levi Heaton
Date of Birth September 25, 1989
Place of Birth Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
Nationality British
Father’s Name Crispy Heaton
Mother’s Name Shelly Love
Siblings Charlie Heaton
Profession Actress
Net Worth $1- $5 million



 Levi Heaton- Charlie Heaton Sister Is An Actress

Levi is a superb actor best known for playing Sarah Martin in the 2016 film The Limehouse Golem.

The picture In the British horror-mystery movie The Limehouse Golem, Elizabeth, a young girl, is accused of poisoning her husband. Her story is central to the movie.

“Vera” served as Heaton’s first on-screen appearance. She performed in the play as Henna Ferris. She was cast as the Linehouse Golem thanks to her performance in the film. Numerous films, such as McMafia, Vera, and The Legend of Red Hand, include the actress. Meet the Richardsons, a comedy show, is her most recent endeavor.

Despite the fact that her brother Charlie has garnered more notoriety, the siblings get along well. She is incredibly happy for her brother’s accomplishments.

Heaton graduated from the Arden School of Theatre with a BA(HONS) in Musical Theatre. She performs singing and dancing in addition to acting. According to IMDB, the actress has a total of 6 acting credits to her name.

The Vera cast has kept her love life a secret. However, based on her social media activities, followers can infer that she is associated with Jonny San. The pair is frequently spotted taking vacations and enjoying birthdays together.

What Is Her Age Now


The Vera star was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, on September 25, 1989. She is 33 years old, and Libra is her astrological sign.

Crispy Heaton and Shelly Love were the actress’s parents when she was born. Charlie is her younger brother.

Heaton’s father was a musician who always encouraged his kids to pursue their dreams in life.


Heaton celebrating 2018 Christmas with her family.
Heaton celebrating 2018 Christmas with her family. ( Source : instagram )


Levi is a really gifted individual. She works as a voice actress, actor, and professional theater actress. She also dances jazz, contemporary, and hip hop.

One of the few females who has worked in all three forms of entertainment—feature films, television, and theater—is the British actress. She is the whole shebang.

Levi Heaton, sister of Heaton, shares her age and Instagram

On Instagram, Levi has more than 2,000 followers. She frequently posts images of her family, favorite shows, and movies.

Levi is pictured enjoying Glastonbury Festival with her girlfriends in a recent photo. She performs a few times at the festival with the Steems.

Levi on the tour with Self Esteem.
Levi on the tour with Self Esteem. ( Source : instagram )


Levi shared photos of the Heaton siblings’ March trip to New York City on her Instagram page. The brother and sister were both dressed casually and appeared to be enjoying their time in the United States.

While in New York, she performed with Self Esteem. She was quite thrilled about the concert because it was her first time performing in the United States. She frequently updates her account with posts about her travels with the Self Esteem.

Levi and her brother, Levi in New York.
Levi and her brother, Levi in New York. ( Source : instagram )

The actress updates her Instagram account with posts about her boyfriend Johnny. The Heaton family gathers for holidays.


Is Levi Hearton married?

  • No, she isn’t married. But she has a partner named Jonny San.

How tall is Levi Hearton?

  • She is 5 ft 4 in.

What religion does Levi follow?

  • She is a Christian.

Is Levi Hearton a singer?

  • Yes, Levi is often seen touring, and doing shows with the Self Esteems.
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